The New Old Rep System

This is just mostly notes to myself. Comments welcome.

Level 0: 0 pts: <img src= alt="" width=8 height=10>
Level 1: 25 pts: <img src= alt="" width=8 height=10>
Level 2: 50 pts: <img src= alt="" width=16 height=10>
Level 3: 100 pts: <img src= alt="" width=24 height=10>
Level 4: 500 pts: <img src= alt="" width=32 height=10>
Level 5: 1000 pts: <img src= alt="" width=40 height=10>
Level 6: 30000 pts or manual: ✭✭✭✭✭✭
Level 5 OG: member since 2004: <font color=gold>✭✭✭✭✭</font> <font color=red>OG</font>
Mod: <img src= alt="" width=40 height=10> mod
Admin: <font color=red>⍟</font> admin <font color=red>⍟</font>

Old images:

Possible new images:



Hi (usually added to a set of 5 low):











With the big gap in Points between level 5-6

Would you consider a change there

Not a good memory: "I got level 5 too finally!! HERES A POST WITH A LOT OF GIFS"
Which did fade-away fast since everybody could get 5 stars so easily.

Level 6 was a test level I put in as one of the early tests. Only @“Evil Canadian” is Level 6, I think. I think he got confused why he was a special snowflake and turned it off. :lol: Part of the test was in looking into how Manual Ranks worked.

If we keep the green rep bars, I would likely put in levels 6-10 metered at some rational level. Level 6 was meant to be largely unreachable.

Yeah, rep and stars don’t mean a heck of a lot, but can be a little fun. I did like the various old labels that ran on top of the rep bars. I can do that now, but it’s one label per Rank and thus a bit of a pain in the butt.

I need subOG levels. And better graphics maybe. Still thinking about it all.

wait I was special how do I turn the special back on

I need this to boost my ego or I am gonna shrivel up like a prune!!!

My god…it’s been this long…

Greetings! This seems like the thread to ask this.

I see I was promoted to Level 5: OG on April 22nd. I see that the criteria for that is to be a member since 2004, which makes sense since I’ve been here since 2000(!). I don’t think I even noticed the rep system prior to this, but hey, cool.

But now I see I’ve been bumped back down to Level 3. What gives?

Also, how does one accumulate points? And how does one lose them? Thanks.

The OG rank broke and is in the process of resetting. Just wait and you’ll be re-og’ed. Takes a loooooong time to process, as in weeks.

Oh okay! Thanks a lot. No worries. It’s not important to me. I was just curious, since (prior to seeing the requirements) it seemed that I arbitrarily got promoted and then arbitrarily demoted. :peace: