The new member that is a hardcore bison fan

hi im new here,i planned to join here last year but i didnt so i planned to join this year.I play street fighter 4 but im not that good in it,i have more losses then wins(about 215 wins and over 300 losses),im not good with my main character bison.Reason i joined here is to try and get help in being better for super street fighter 4 and my character bison.I hope he will be a lot better in the sequel and have new the way,i have 360 controller,not a fight pad or fightstick,i might get one of the 2 soon.Any bison fanatics here?

you’re in the wrong place if you’re looking for bison fanatics specifically. head to the character specific discussion…

215 wins / 300+ losses is better than me… by the time I hit 300 losses I probably would have won only 40 times.

I think it’s fine that this thread was created here. This is the only section where personal introduction topics are/can be/should be accepted/tolerated/appreciated.

Anyway, here is a link to the SF4 Bison-specific subforum, where all of the SF4 Bison fanatics gather. :smile:

thanks for the link im checkin it out now.

hey immense, feel free to add me or any of the other members who post in the bison forum, hope to see u around more often

Bison is a really good character and alot of fun, and most of the people in the Bison forums are really helpful and supportive so hope to see you around and if you want any tips or to just play hit me up on xbl… gt= I Ryboy I

Add me too!
I’ll help you with some bison related stuff. And just hang out on the Bison forum page, you’ll learn a lot from there.