The new Gamble King of SFV?

Who do you think will be the Seth of SFV? The high risk high reward character.

Also, who do you think the safest character is so far? So far, my vote is M. Bison.

M. Bison and Necalli have pretty safe pressure (as far as I know).

Nash or Vega maybe?

SFV isn’t a game based on high risk 50/50s, so there’s not really a character that fits that archetype. If there was, they would be a weak character because it’s not as easy to put strenuous pressure and mix-ups like you could in SFIV.


There isn’t one.

There’s no character with less than 900 health also. Which alludes to the idea that they don’t want anymore glass cannon type characters. Which is nice since those characters by design usually have to play pretty risky or very lame and generally have way too many tools with the only disadvantage of “low health”. It’s a poor way to design a character IMO.

Laura is probably the closest you’re going to get to fast, heavy read type character but she actually has pretty good health so that probably means she has some situations where she is assed or lacking to compensate. Rashid movement and toolset wise has options kinda like a Fuerte or Seth, but he’s not quite the instant block opener that they are.


He doesn’t really commit to anything risky unless he’s being piloted by a dumbass though, still has to play neutral and stuff unlike a Fuerte/Seth. It’s just his mobility that gets him looking crazy.

We’re only 16 characters in. Too soon for this thread IMO.

It’s the full initial starting roster…how soon is “soon” for you, 7 years later when every DLC character is out?

At least until the first generation of characters are all released, and that includes the first 6 DLC. Any vacancy in the archetypes of the launch roster could be there with the foresight and intent for one first DLC characters to fill it.

No need to be snide by the way.

None of the characters in the 2016 season are going to be glass cannon characters and Combofiend has mentioned the game is based around “honesty” as far as pressure and neutral game. Which kinda omits Seth, Viper, Decapre, Rufus, Yun, Fuerte type characters with safe ways to invade neutral and create looping pressure that avoids footsies/anti airs.

I mean if Poongko is any indication, he seems to have a pretty yolo Cammy going so far.

which is good because memorizing setups as a means for defending them is ridiculously tedious.

seems like v is focused on psychology moreso and thats where the real skill is imo.

There are no gambles, they took out all the fun (cheap) stuff, just straightforward average stuff now.

I’m really hoping Juri is the bullshittiest character (because I plan to main her and I don’t want to learn honest gameplay pls help me ono)

I get the strong feeling this game is going to be very reset based, and there will no longer be “style combos” cause it’s SF5, there are none. “Style reset” is what we will have.

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He’s not.
The way he plays this character is extremly uneffective and won’t bring him far.

Ah I remember commentators said VT SA’s were safe…oh man.

I’d rather Juri NOT get hit with the nerf bat again thank you very much. I had to deal with that in xT. Not here please. :sad:

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