The NEW Ft. Lauderdale Thread - where we trade DJ for Icekid in mvc3


The Spot:
Zero Ping LAN Center
5400 SW 44th Terrace
Davie, Florida 33314
Google Maps
Door fee: $3.00

Videos of Ranbats Past:
YouTube - Option Select’s Channel
YouTube - eiSH’s Channel
YouTube - Benski’s Channel
YouTube - D’Nyc3’s Channel
YouTube - zeromage429’s Channel

Casuals/ Stream - Monday and thursday 6pm-2/3am
Casuals - Every other day

-Tim will always be remembered-

Wtf, new thread already? O.o

In as much as I dont wanna, but LOL!

Welcome to sfl lol^^ Your gonna be the talk of the town for a month or so.

@danny - Let me know when you work homie ill pass by with some friends and get shit poppin.

Option select shirts hollaaaa and tourney??!?

can someone record the match when this happens and post it here

so glad we got a new thread title.

I work wed night, sat sun til 8. Next week though I’ll be there tues night and fri 4-11

A new thread title after 3 months – yeah -_-; Hopefully Ben takes better care of it this thread.

Also, to ChuFye, CEO usually comes on Mondays and has a converter. If you really want to prove yourself, you should come through on Monday after seeing if he’s going to be there or not and if he’ll let you borrow his converter for the night.

^^ i forgot to tell you fagz after this new integrated forum the option to change a thread title has been disabled.

And before it was implemented? Even still, :lol: if this thread title sticks around for the next 3 months.

How come no one has said “ChuFree” yet?

This title is locked till the next thread title…ChuFye srry bro…lol

@jimmy - so many possibilities.


Ok well you chat to him n lets get this done. Monday is like Tomorrow. What time?

Dude its all good. Jokes all day man. I Luv this shit! Whats a scene like without some jokes even if its on me. Lol.
Can you omagine a scene where manz are like all grimmacing n shit? Hell Noo… Jokes all day yo!

o.O; Or you could ask him yourself? He posts here often -> CEO of Darkness

i guess i’ll start joining the AE wagon as well.

Ok contacted him and awaiting a reply.
What time tomorrow at ZP?

ben put 6 PM on the first post but ppl usually don’t start showin up till like 7 or 8