The new Battle Fantasia Thread- PSN release for US coming this Winter!

Sorry if I should’ve had this posted in the previous thread but I think this announcement could bring in more interest to the game.
Here are some matches from a recent tourney-

IIRC the tiers went something like this:-
High/Top: Watson & Ashley
Low: Odile
Everyone else is inbetween.

Also: The PS3 is region free, so you can play a PAL or NTSC-J PS3 game on your PS3.


thanx for the info Tizoc +rep for you

what do you mean?

Your welcome, I’ve been thinking; how about if someone posts strats for using characters, I can link to them in the first post to help people get to play those characters.
Right now I plan to learn Face and Deathbringer.

I’m not gonna lie, I asked the same thing as well.

Picked up the retail version a few months back in the UK which was problematic given that only 15 copies were pressed :wink:

Just wanted to say, don’t bother getting it. Its not very good.

Wow looks like it might finaly bring some online competition to the game.

Well either that or flop horribly.

The Aus (PAL) 360 version was just released the other day. My copy is on the way, although it’s not very high on the list of games I want to play atm.

Hmm… I bought the Japanese version last year for PS3. Is there any word on whether I’ll be able to play online with people who buy the PSN downloadable game?

Not sure about the PS3, but on the PSP download titles and hard copies can not play with each other.

This is actually hard to say. It depends on the version you are playing. Arcade version is least balanced with all the infinites/Don Valve’s oki grab. JPN PS3 version has the Ashley and (maybe) Watson infinites removed. US 360 version has all infinites removed and I think Don Valve’s oki grab BS removed as well. I’m not sure about the PAL version or the US PSN version, but I would bet that they are both based on the JPN PS3 version.

Obviously, the American version is the best thanks to our friends at Aksys.

EDIT: I could be wrong about some of that information, but I am fairly certain that I am right. Hopefully, an Aksys person will say something if I am wrong.

Never knew that the console ver. is a fixed/balanced ver. of the Arcade one, thanks for the info.

Technically, I don’t think there is actual balancing outside of infinite/bug removal in any version.

I’m sorry that you did not like the game, but that does not mean it is bad. The best way I can describe it is as the 3rd Strike of ASW games. Of course I don’t mean it is exactly like 3s, but it is much slower/less crazy than other ASW games.

true, but i can somehow understand him, the character design is not the most attractive, still i want to give it a try, and until now i have bought games that i barely play in the past (tvc, fuc, sbx ah2 to name a few) so this game its not gonna be the exception, i hope that at least turn as a fun game to play (for me and my friends)

I own the game on 360 and it’s actually pretty fun. It plays exactly like Street Fighter.
Forget GG or BB.
But yeah… the character design is … well… weird. Looks like a kid game with little music and everything.
And the online competition on 360 is plain dead. You can’t even find someone to play against at all.

So that Tournament wasn’t very flashy, and it seems random wake-up supers won out a lot.

I don’t see this competing very well in today’s fighting market, especially this year with so many high profile releases. Might give it a shot sometime, if they don’t charge full retail for the game, not something I’d spend $60 on.

Also was the tiny Pope kid a guy? Damn anime designs and their confusing genderness.

I just watched the first vid from that tournament, and I have to say that those players do not seem to be the best. The Ashley activated Heat outside of a combo, but did not activate Heat when it was guaranteed (which would have won him the round). The Urs did use heat in a combo, but when he activated outside of a combo, he chose to Heat-up with a DP instead of a shoulder tackle. The Heat-up shoulder tackle would have given him a damaging combo (as well as being safer had it whiffed/been blocked). This is excluding the normal combo opportunities that they missed.

Also, wake-up super is only as effective in this game as it is in any other. Had the aggressors blocked against it, then they would have gotten a free combo.

I didn’t play either one of those characters (or even the game for long) and I can see all that.

Yeah what I saw out of it, a simple block on wake-up would stuff those supers, hell the wing super didn’t look like it would do any chip damage as well. Just shoddy gameplay when I was expecting more I suppose, the mini-pope/anchor man fight was alright, didn’t bother to watch anymore.

If one of the “surprises” mentioned is improved netcode I’ll sell (or trade in) my 360 version and get myself a US PSN card. I like BF but damn the netcode sucks unless conditions are optimal. Saying that, I haven’t experience much play against humans because online is a complete ghost town. Shame since it’s a fun game.

I’ve almost bought this for the 360 on two occasions, so i am interested in the PSN version

Ashley’s infinite was retained. Other than that You’re spot on.

I’d be much more ecstatic about this if I wasn’t already trying to juggle 3 fighting games atm. Took too long for them to release imo.