The New Akuma Match-up Thread *Recent Update*

^not being a jerk, but you can safely do the x-up tatsu on ryu?s wake-up. yes, the timing is by far the strictest against ryu relative to other characters with srk (at least for me), but it can be done. you could just be in a funk. hopefully you don?t take this the wrong way, as i?m not trying to be an ass; just stating the fact that auto correct srks will only hit you on the x-up tatsu if your timing and/or spacing is off.

u sound pretty scrubby from your post. so don’t take offense when someone tries to help you. so i i hope you take this in the manner its given. cuz you can safely tatsu…

That’s incorrect. Auto correct DPs doesn’t mean it’s a reversal DP, which means he can just do it late after you cross up, I’ve done it before.

FIRST… and my BIGGEST PET PEEVE with fighting games… is mentioning something to be “someone’s” when its laughable to think it is. NeoRussel’s anti-projectile strat? lol. Ppl have been doing that from the beginning of the game way before he even touched anything. And the fact ultra/supers have dodge/invincible frames is nothing new so most ppl with any past knowledge knew to activate ultras when you see a fireball. I digress.

I wrote an entire thread about HK a few (5 or 6?) months ago… you are at even against anyone that can’t duck the second hit meaning you can abuse it against those characters.

As someone already mentioned for me… his fireball recovery is great and lp is quick… together means you would have to be guessing… not reacting to be able to jump in on him. And a bad “guessed” jump in doesn’t lose you 100 damage or so as ryu loses with a bad guess on you. you get to lose between 200-500 damage for a poor choice of a jump in.

j. hp?? against ryu? LOL… and the damage output difference for ryu/akuma in the air is LAUGHABLE.

You are doing things wrong if you haven’t connected a cross-tatsu in 3 days. I was merely saying you have to be more careful against ryu because he has the easiest time getting you.

yes… is a good move. I don’t believe i said it wasn’t. I said its one of your main options… Ryu’s has slightly more range, more active frames, and slightly better recovery. Its not a HUGE HUGE advantage but when you are both eachother ryu is gonna usually win or tie because of those active frames and range.

try empty jumping over some fireballs and learning what the ryu wants to do… mash srk (punish) or sit (try a But also learn your range as well. If you can poke with instead of you should becasue the frame data is simply better (including + frames on block as opposed to - frames and a faster start up).

So I guess I’m saying learn to use as well for pokes.

and you CAN reset him sometimes (although 98% of the time I’d just go for the damage) but when you do, use mk instead because it will either cross (spacing…or started jump-in combo with a c.hp) or will let you empty palm over him for a srk bait.

well… the MAIN issue is people starting the tatsu too high up or low and it gives the ryu time to hit clean or trade with the late SRK on wake-up. This happens, from what I’ve seen, mainly due to ppl jumping from the wrong distance. But at the same time a good portion of the time better ryu’s won’t take the risk of falling back into your oki game (again…refuse to call vor–). So like everything… you have to read the ryu right. Which is how it SHOULD be in a fighting game imo.


Guaranteed Demons:
Blocked cr.HK (Super only)
Blocked close drill
Blocked far drill (Super only)
Blocked Spike
Blocked Super/Ultra

Tatsu > Sweep?

Sweep her “safe” Spiral Arrows on reaction before it hits.
Punish deep blocked Spiral Arrow with s.hp into B&B or > s.hp
Punish Hooligan Throw with > B&B
Punish blocked Cannon Spike/ Super/ Ultra with forward walk > B&B (use link)

A good Cammy will keep you pressured by using Quick Cannon Strike (QCS) into blockstring into QCS. She will mix it up by throw or block.
Save meter to guess SRK your way out of these situations, because more than not she will be trying to pressure you and you can reversal.

Use teleport sparingly because she can Spiral or Ultra after you on reaction.

Watch out for cross-unders as good Cammy’s tend to dash to the other side of you when reset out of the air.

Cammy can Hooligan Throw you on your way up from an untechable knockdown if she times it right. As you wake up there is a small windows in which you are standing so a crouching attack doesn’t work. You have to srk her attempt or teleport out if you’re unsure. Otherwise you will get thrown

I didn’t mean it was Ne0Russel’s personal inventive strategy, just as a joke considering its a coincidence I hadn’t been countered by many of those tricks before those tutorials came out. No, I don’t play the top competition.

+0 frames on block yes.

Jf.FP as a reactionary air-to-air.

I probably was in a funk.

I didn’t know he had more range. The respective tools seem on par to me, despite the health disparity.

come on guys i just made this thread and and people are already arguing in it lol

Ok, i’m back to it once again:

I’m interested in strategies against Tiger Knees and when Sagat starts to rush the shit down.
I know about the Teleport but, is it always the best option ? When to use or to duck the knee and punish and when not to use it ?

Thanks guys.

auto-corrected dp will work on a lot of cross-up tatsu setups that would stuff reversal uppercuts, this is true. this doesn’t make the vortex useless at all however. As for roundhouse, you can’t abuse it on block because it starts up pretty freakin’ slow. a shoryuken, standing/crounching jab, whatever the option will smoke it.

Depends on how ready for it you are. Sounds kind of like spam, so if you KNOW it’s coming…I’d opt for to srk. Otherwise, pretty much just block and see what they’re thinking.

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Keep posting the good stuff.

i had any rep in the first place?? no idea why it would be negative. wait… I posted in a SS4 thread a while back sayign ryu didn’t need buffs… I bet that was it. lol. Dont’ really care much about what a little bar says but thanks for the bump. Its the thought that makes it worth somethin :razz:

As for tiger knees… duggish pretty much said the most important part… it depends on if you KNOW its happening or its just happening all of a sudden. A good sagat rush isn’t going to necessarily just be 50 safe knees in a row… he has WAY too much free stamina to spare to play THAT safe. But if you are psychic enough or the opponent is spammy enough then you can into infinite with c.lp into HK strings, srk, or even ultra.

Honestly though… I wouldn’t be too worried about safe tiger knees (I ASSUME you mean safe ones… since otherwise you can deal with it easily…) as the chip isn’t anything to write home about and sagat doesn’t have the best oki game in the world so I wouldn’t worry even if you get hit by a knee. Usually though you’ll get a jump in or a ex fireball for a little bit of a reset because while sagat is a juggernaut for health, he can still get bent by a 400 damage akuma combo or even a srk fadc.

Just don’t try to do too much or you run the risk of a or c.lp actually landing on you, which is the LAST thing you want to happen. And if the sagat messes up and gets a 2 hit tiger knee at any point… tell him you noticed. All rushdown is the same… at SOME point when nothing is working at breaking your defense the rusher gets frustrated and goes for a throw or a cross-up. Which gives you a perfect chance to c.hp a jump or tech a throw and get a reset.

but… the teleport is USUALLY the easiest choice here against sagat (if you can risk a ex tiger shot to the knees.

ohh… also… during this rushdown is a good choice to use a safe SRK option if you have the meter because eating a sagat overhead just isn’t a happy option.

The main thing to do against Ryu is to just play a smart, basic akuma 90% of the time. A lot of the fun stuff like demon flip pressure and and the vortex don’t work as well(the risks are too great). If you’re going to take those risks, do it when Ryu has no ultra or super meter. At least then all you’re likely to eat ia shoryuken(still hurts, but you’re still in the game).

  • play a footsie game with hadouken, sweep and

  • neutral jump hadoukens. if ryu has super meter, stop doing this unless you have meter of your own(ex tatsu to go over super)

  • don’t assume that the ryu is gonna auto correct all day. Chris Hu just told me the other day he’s not gonna play me anymore until he figures out how to auto correct, and that guy is arguably one of the top 3 best Ryu players in the country. Try not to go for the fake cross up( if Ryu has super meter or 2 bars and an ultra because if he shoryus the right way you’re going to regret it.

  • basically vs Ryu you gotta take into consideration risk reward ratio a lot. he deals mad damage off dumb decisions on your part, but if you play a smart defensive poking game you REALLY limit his options.

  • Guessing out on fireballs is something you simply should do here and there. The reward is heavily in your favor if Ryu doesnt have meter. However, the same goes for you, so be very careful of not falling into patterns with your hadouken and always be ready to anti air.

Oh, and good vortex set up I got from someone here. Please raise your hand so I can give you proper credit!

Instead of finishing your combos all the time with fierce shoryu, do a light shoryu and go straight into vortex. This is a pretty good set up considering you can’t sweep him after combos.

Oh annnnnnd intentionally demon palm whiff on people’s wake up(ryu included) is mad nice as tokido shows here.


I posted this earlier but in the wrong topic :frowning:

good insight there BJN. I’ve been getting a bit more mileage on ryu since i’ve stopped really taking many risks. Its super easy to get most people impatient and making mistakes by jumping at you or dashin in to try and mix you up. thumbs up

now on to the big gief. has anyone here played a really (i mean really good) gief?? and have some insigt. that matchup is such a pain in the ass most times.

Make sure to check out that set between Tokido and Fuudo, which is pretty much a “how to beat a good Ryu” tutorial.

In regards to VersatileBJN and referencing the vid Bman is talking about, at least I think he means the latest Tokido vs. Fuudo via LordAborigineSF4.

Vids here:

I’ve only watched the 3rd vid at this point so I am referencing that but, Tokido does reset after lk tatsu, immediately into mk demon flip palm whiff option select throw tech. Ryu’s EX DP seems to hit him out of it the first time he tries it in the third vid. Anyways, it seems like a viable vortex option in addition to lp DP BJN mentioned. Similar to the options presented after red fireball combo, but with no meter spent.

I still have a hell of a time against Guile. Man fuck that guy(le).

For his sweep, lp.srking on his 2nd kick usually whiffs, cause Guile’s usually won’t sweep deep. I’ve focused the 2nd hit on reaction before but mostly they result in a level 1 hit, and if he jabs me, that’s jab + 140dmg from the 2nd kick. Ugh.

I don’t wanna demon if I can help it-I’ve been trying to avoid demoning if other punishes exist (since it gives them loads of EX for the next round) or it’s early in the match and I don’t have it yet.

Is a property of focus attack: a counter hit level 1 FA crumples? Is this why so many choose to FA before that 2nd kick connects as it will ensure a crumple? Its this arrogant sweep that just teases and has such minuscule recovery time that bothers me the most. I throw all caution to the wind when I face Guiles.
Edit: Nm, his block stun from the first hit is ridiculous, too little time to FA. I’ve no idea what to do.

-depending on your reaction and positioning you get a safe cross-up fireball on the 2 hit sweep. If the guile trys to react to the jump over him then the fireball hits and you get to combo. plus his charge gets messed with (always a plus).
-if its not a deep first hit you can him.
-on a deep hit the lp SRK will connect easily.
-if you see you are farther away then you can time your lp srk a little late so that it hits his leg hitbox instead of his body (as it does when he is close)
-If the first hit of the sweep misses you then you can punish with TONS of things.
if a guile is using his hk you are probably lucky… its usually a good indication of the lack of skill of the opponent.

Online in lag though its much harder to deal with though (not to say HARD as it doesn’t do chip and its easy to at the very least block)

and obviously it only “guarantees” a crumple if they try to DO something… since thats the only way to get it to counter hit. But yes… on counter hit FA lvl 1 crumples. Unlbocked lvl 2 crumples… unblockable lvl 3 crumples. But you ARE guaranteed a lvl 1 crumple to at least hit them. Which is why its best to backdash if you decide to focus the second hit (and hk combo if the crumple occurs).

^ Thanks
Yea a guile who sweeps too much is pretty noobish. Just that I when the first kick whiffs, I usually focus that 2nd kick and it doesn’t net me a level 2 focus and I get frustrated. His recovery times are really good.

Demon guile inbetween the sweeps, or Shoryuken.

Light redfireball works well against guile as well as any of the other red fireballs if they try to turtle you out. Forces them to jump. I think this match is heavily in Akuma’s favor and is one of his easiest matches. Guile is free on Vortex as long as you watch out for auto correct ultra. Guile’s stun is very low. Typically if he’s wrong 2.5 times on the vortex he will get stunned. If you get a heavy lead, turtle up. Guile has a harder time coming back than any character in the whole game. If you’re down, just patiently work your way in. Once you’re in on him Guile is in some trouble.

The only way to really lose this fight is stupidly eat crouching fierces and air throws. Be smart and respect the sonic boom and his crouching fierce. As long as your patient and take your time with your gameplan Guile is going to get owned more times than not.

^jump forward air fb is rape against guile…also properlly spaced dive kicks rape him…(beat ultra, super,…everything). Also it’s really easy to out turtle him…I learned this match from reading the guile forum’s match-up list on akuma…funny but a good read.