The NeoGeo Stick

So I got my HRAP2 today and it’s great, though for NeoGeo games I’ve found that I still prefer my NeoGeo Stick2 (the recent ps2 remake). Having owned a NeoGeo in the past and playing Magician Lord until my hands bled, I find the HRAP2’s Sanwa stick difficult to master. The NeoGeo stick seems to have more x-y resistance so when I try to duck down for example, I don’t accidently hit the diagonal button (which won’t duck in magician lord). But the HRAP2’s Sanwa stick has very little resistance and so it’s easy to hit off a diagonal instead of a “down” by accident.

I looked up the stick that the NeoGeo sticks use and it’s some weird brand. I also don’t know a lot about sticks in general… How is the Seimitsu LS-32-01? Does it provide more resistance in the x-y directions than the Sanwa? Also, it seems the NeoGeo stick has a shorter horizontal and vertical traverse than the Sanwa stick.

I’m kind of just rambling, I guess my question is, I heard the NeoGeo stick is poorly built. Is there a “higher quality” version of it made by possibly a different manufacturer and one that would fit into the HRAP2? Since I have two HRAP2’s, I am thinking of keeping one with the Sanwa stick and Sanwa buttons (which I ordered), and possibly outfitting the other with a NeoGeo type stick, but I’m not sure if something like that would fit, and what’s the best one to get…

Oh yeah, and what do you guys use? Do you use something other than a Sanwa stick for NeoGeo games?

Btw, check this out! Comes out in December!!

Seimitsu’s LS-40 is the stick that is most often found in Neo Geo cabs. I don’t know what kind are used in the stick you pictured or the ones you currently use. I’m guessing just a fairly shitty stock stick that is neither Sanwa nor Seimitsu, but I can’t say for sure.

Any Jap style stick will fit into the HRAP case, but most will not fit in without some modifications, so keep that in mind.


You need to check you’re HRAP2 to see if it’s a re-edition or not (HRAP2.1) and please do, no one’s quite sure if it got a revision or not. Earlier HRAP2’s much like the old metal top HRAP1’s (you’ll understand in a minute) have a Siemitsu mounting plate already inside. In the revision the mounting plate was removed, so check first before you make any purchases and please give us feed back on how old they are and whether they have or not.

The Siemitsu LS-32-01/02 sounds the best option for you. They have a tighter spring than the Sanwa’s and also have the shortest throw. They also have a more compacted gate/restrictor making direction inputs feel more controlable. They’re highly reccomended for shoot’em-ups for this very reason so they’ll be good for other style arcade games like Magician Lord. Also check out Siemitsu buttons, they feel more like SNK’s I think…

Ahhhh what the hell…! I never heard about a HRAP2.1, I only heard about a revision on the HRAP1.1… Here are the inside snapshots of of my HRAP2’s that I just got from VGO today… I am totally new to the elite joystick world (hah) so I can’t tell if the mounting plate is gone or not, but it looks like there is some sort of a metal plate surrounding the stick and connected to the case… so my hopes are up slightly.

Also, if indeed I am screwed and can’t just “plop” a Seimitsu LS-32-01/02 into it, is there anyway I can safely mod it so that it will fit? Also can you tell me what stick the pic is of (i.e., it is the same old Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK that has come in every HRAP2 so far?)

That stick does still have the Sei mounting plate so you shouldn’t have any problem attaching an LS-32 and some other Seimitsu sticks. The stick in your HRAP2 is the JLF-TP-8Y-SK.


W00T! I guess there is no HRAP2.1 after all. :lovin:

Amen to that…

All you have to do now when you get your Siemitsu is, rotate the plate on the stick it’s self 90 degrees so it fits in and the 5-pin socket is facing the same way as the Sanwa. The Siemistu mounting plate is fixed side ways, so the stick needs to be fitted side ways also…

What you could do is open up the Sanwa joystick and add one LS-32 spring to it (yes ADD it to the existing Sanwa spring, just put it on top of it).
Sanwa has never felt better since :).

PS: Or add one extra Sanwa spring to it.

Don’t listen to Per; he’s crazy! : ) Heh heh…actually, he told me to do this a while ago and ti did make it feel much more stiff, which is probably what you’re looking for. I personally love the stock feel of the JLF, so I returned it to it’s stock state.


Well I don’t have an extra spring lying around, but stiffness is not the only thing I’d like to change… The transverse (left to right, and up to down) distances are greater than that on the Seimitsu sticks and since I’ve had no issues with the Neo Geo stick and its shorter transverse, I’d like to give the Seimitsu a whirl. I just wish the RealNeoGeo would email me back with shipping quotes… :wonder: