THE (MvC2) EVO Awards 2007

Hey everybody, your boy Law made it back to NY safe and sound and while I was flying I decided to shear my thoughts on the event so here goes.
Here are my awards for evo 2k7

Most improved player: Cable Guy, After last years scraping he cameback with a vengence beating his arch rivil, Smooth Viper and many other tough players in money matches.

Best Comentary: Me, lol i had a blast doing the top 8 commentary with Chris. I think that 2 commentaters was a great idea that worked out perfectly.

Best Marvel Mix: The preppy fugee fusion mix(beta version) The jackson 5 remix on the character select screen cuppled with jet-black storm, mag plus hollow and mango sentinel colors are enough to make me wanna play top tier again :slight_smile:

Best Gamblers: Havad and Fugee, each of these guys caked during evo I’m talkin G’eees plp or as the cali peeps would say STAKS! Fugee has a nose for how players match up and Havad will bet on anything as long as he gets odds.

Best Marvel Match: Now of course this is highly debateable but Justin Wongs half life cyclops comeback aginst Yipes healthy msp in the finals OMG! This dude is so clutch he should come with six gears.

Best Know Unknowns: Now two players that East coast never saw coming were Finess and Illan. Finess definetly lived up to his name with smooth game play and hard hitting combos. Him and brandon went 5-4 in an exclusive money match that could have went either way. Illan who beat 3 top NY players in money matches (X,Mike, and Smooth Viper)has so many infinite set ups if you get hit with just one doom pepple your done. A solid player with a great upside if he learns how to fight and beat msp consinstanty he will be a problem!

Best Room: 8416 Team Hawaii! We had more money matches here then Micheal Vicks house on a weekend. It was Stright Under ground fight club status filled with a whos who of top players, some invite only type shit. For those who missed out even if your lucky enough to see some of these matches online. The energy in the room will never be duplacated. This is why i go to evo nothing like being there!

Best Reset: Brandon… free. On a serious note brandon reseting the game “by acident” had to be the most contraverseial moments in EVO history! I mean who does that and on the big screen no less. Now I’m saying he perpousply reset and I’m not saying he didn’t but because Sanford did NOT speak up for himself and CONTINUED to play the next match which he lost he took the decision to replay that match or take the free win AWAY from the judges. In essence sealing his own fate.

Coolest Non Gamer Chick: Brandee aka “that chick desmond was with” lol now I know what your thinking…uhhh your done. Ok fine but desmond introduced me to her and unlike the 2 hawaiian girls, who in their defence were probley creeped out by all the guys just stairing at them… she smiled.
She’s an intresting person with a cool personality and yes cute friends. See, it pays to be nice. And not for nothing but a few cats tried to holla and got shut down so don’t even front… i know who you are lol

I heard some of the yaris girls were pretty cool but I didn’t talk to them. The homie random james had that on smash.

Biggest Upset: Lol its funny, of the 2 Hawiian girls I saw the shoter one actually get a win in the team tourney.
I can’t remember their names but if they want any action I got money on my girl Q BET IT! She smokes cats on the regular.

Best/Favorite OG Player: Clockw0rk
To barrow a cali term dudes just hella cool and all his matches are fun to watch. If not for bumping into sanford in the end of his bracket he would have made top 8
Also he placed the highest, 9th of any OG player from either the east or the west coast.

Best Husteler: Noel(Justin’s Room mate)
Now just like a lot of us Noel got stranded in the airport while trying to make his connection in Atlanta however being the hustler he is (take notes now plp) he found a yellow pages in the airport, called Dominos and had them deliver 3 large pies and a soda (2 of which he got for free) he ate his fill then sold the remaining slices at 3 bucks a pop. Him being a hustler with a heart he gave all the children slices for free. As a side note he then fliped the money he made from the pizzas betting it all on Justin vs. Choi. Now that’s some Zack Morris shit right their, for shizzle!

Special Thanks to Fugee for leting me kick in his room all weekend. If you ever come to NY hit me up brother i got you.

**Shout Outs **to my NY peeps- Erik, Dez, Justin, Mike, Yipes,Ramdom James, Chris, Josh, Liston, Kevin, Amir, Nelson,out of town peeps- Bill, Potter,Jaul, Nam, Isasic, Fugee, Peter, Clock, DJB13, Golden Nismar, Larry, Duc+Wifey, Chuncksta, Crizzle, DP and the rulett attendent who’s magic spins made me $260 See you in 2K8.

This Is Coming From Erik “Smooth Viper” Arroyo and his girl, Jennifer “Infamous Kitty” Ortiz:

Shout out to our peeps:

Bill Wellman-
Erik: You still one crazy ass white person
Jen: Ditto

Erik: Hijo, Que’ paso? Good shit though, you know it’s all love, (No Homo) lol
Jen: You’re Soooooo Cute!!!

Combo Fiend-
Erik: I’m trying to become a legend like you. Good shit at CvS2. And thanks for the Malibu, my girl was sipping it hard though.
Jen: So what? That drink was Godlike, Thanks!

Erik: We didn’t get to talk much, but thanks for the gatorade bottle of henny, that shit had me done.

Erik: We Can’t forget Fugee!!! You already know what it is. I may have lost most of my money matches, but you know we flipped that shit back in top 8. We still gotta play No Mercy. Nothing but love for you.
Jen: We still haven’t played 3rd strike, I think you’re ducking me man, lol, 'Cause you know you get “Bodied.” You’re cool peeps, can’t wait for you to come back to the NY. I’ll make pork chops, ask Erik, Godlike!

Erik: Good shit on the pep talk, I came back to Marvel more hungrier
than ever!!!
Jen: Don’t worry about SF, we got this shit next year!!!

Golden Nizmor and DJ B-13-
Erik: Good shit seeing ya again. Yo Dj, Where’s my DVD? lol

Hawaiian Girls-
Erik: All I wanted to say was, “Hi,” 'cause I knew one of ya had a myspace. I wanted to get a couple of games in, and don’t worry, no shit talk. Maybe next year we get to play.
Jen: You two impressed me. Maybe I’ll learn so I can play ya next year.

Duck Do and Wife-
Erik: We should have won team tourney, next year we taking it. And next year we will see Wife Vs. Wife.
Jen: I’m gonna train, in between work and school, and I’ll see you next year.

Erik: Why you always Cheesin’ and good shit, I’ll see you next year.
Jen: Maybe next year I’ll get to play you in 3rd Strike and ST.

Erik: Good shit fucking me up, I’ll see you next year

Mad Boo Face and Chunksta-
Erik: Good seeing you again, hope to see you at ECC12

Crizzle- You hella cool dog, hope you can make it to the NY. And your MSP was Godlike when you was high, lol

Chris Smidct-
Erik: Sorry if I can’t spell your last name right. Good games in Marvel, You’re one hell of a good playa. Hope to see you next year at Evo. P.S. You slept on me too much.

(Issac, Sanford, Yipes, Lawrence, Liston, Josh, Kevin, Chris, Random James, If I forgot ya, I’m sorry. Ya know what it is, we took over this year!!!)

Erik: We should have won team tourney!!! Next year we taking it!!!

Erik: Good shit making top 8, we did it!!!
Jen: Lay off the candy!!!

Justin Wong
Erik: Stop beating me Horribly, lol. You’re the only one who beat me in the tourney, good shit, I got nothing but love for you, (No Homo). But I gotta fuck your shit up next year, lol
Jen: Stop beatin’ my man, give that nigga a chance, lmao. You’re cool peeps, we all chillin’ soon. Take Care :lovin:

Hey it was so good seeing you both Law & Erik :lovin:

Law]~Good stuff, man I had so much fun wi th you at the Roulette table, best part is the only time you sh ould go to an ATM machine is just to check how much money you got.

And what was that lady mistress name hosting that table?

ERIK~Oh man, if you can give me your addy I can mail one out too you! :lovin:

I am sorry, but even though I usually do ignore critisism, I will have to defend us: First of all, you did not have 24-hour surveillance on my sister and myself, so I really do not know why you assume that we never smiled, because we did most of the time. However, you are correct about us being creeped out by guys staring at us as if we were aliens, but that crap happens a lot even over here, and we did not want to get too angry…

Not to act as if we are good or anything, but I actually beat two guys, and I think I won or nearly won one round against one of the guys who beat me. The guy who eliminated me was VERCETTE. My sister played guys who were better than the ones that I had beaten, and the 2nd one was a top / well-known player ( Mike_Z, I think? ). Regardless, she won a 1-2 rounds, I believe ( I know that she nearly beat one guy – one OCV ). Also, she won in the team tournament, and beat down some guys during casuals before the official tournament – it is on tape. Also, not to make excuses, but it really is sad that some people judge people based on a few bad matches. Again, we are not good AT ALL, but I am certain that some guys knew that we were extremely nervous and UNCOMFORTABLE on the floor, because we lost to guys who we could have beaten if they lived in Hawaii. But whatever…I am grateful for our hotel casuals, which we redeemed ourselves in, and Evo was a learning experience, so perhaps we will not crack when under pressure as badly next year ( I doubt that, though )…

Again, I am not trying to be disrespectful, but simply trying to set the record straight.

Iite bet my address is 256 south 4th street Brooklyn Ny 11211 apartment 11 hope to see u at Ecc 12.5

I see no reason to stop cheesin =D, much love erik next year we shoppin =O!

love you guys

see you at ecc

law: you are gdlk on the commentary. see you guys at ecc.

43&milk at ecc yes!

Hey i’m not trying to take shots at anybody so i don’t want you to feel like i’m coming at you like that. The’re were a few people at evo i didn’t get along with at all but whats the point of typing hatefull post and spreading negitivity… not my thing.

I actully give you and your sister props cause you guys came out and just played
no “take it easy on me i’m a girl” you came to play just like everybody else.

You and your sister both lost some close matches hopefully next time you guys won’t be as nervous so you both can perform better. I use to get nervous in tournamet play to so i know how it is

I still like my girl Q Shes NY so i gotta back her. I mean hell i kept betting on erik eventhough he kept loosing his MM but hey i support my peeps, thats just how i roll. Next year i won’t be so quick to gudge and maybe we can kick it and play some games peace

Most gangsta underwear award: Mike Z


What about my 3 perfects all back to back, and in tournament play. One of them making evo moment #38 :wgrin:

Finesse*. QFT.

Hahaha! I have that shit on tape. I was actually watching it today. Soft reset before you could see the screen. Me and Preppy are working hard on capping these vids. Hope you’ll enjoy them. :lovin:


I heard yipes was using a newly developed marvel technique: Mangekyou Sharingan.

He put us all in the matrix :frowning:

<3333 the ec


Damn yipes is a cheater :rofl:

haha yeah, seriously~!!! :lovin:


y0 law, next year we up there! Strider/Doom’s running shi’t next year!

He’s comming to EVO next year with an even more exclusive technique, Tsukuyomi Sharingan - God of the Moon. we’re going to be stuck in the vortex for 72 hours :frowning: :wgrin:

Faggots stop watching anime.