The music is (barely) passable (Music Discussion Thread)

If the music in the gameplay trailer is any indication of the game’s music then the soundtrack is still going to suck ass, consisting of the same generic brass horns and dubstep breaks we’ve heard in every single game since God of War came out, instead of having any personality whatsoever.

Where the fuck is Okugawa?

It’s ok to me.

All 30 tracks of the SFV soundtrack suck. Especially dudley’s theme

bring back the composers from the SF3 series please. or let me do it ;D

Bring this back Capcom!

Yeah SF4’s music was disappointing to say the least…forgettable, bland, generic. Compared to the Mount Everest of SF2, SF4’s was barely a molehill.

In SF2 not only were the tracks great in of themselves, they transported you to the locations the stages represented along with reflecting the personality of the character. I’m hoping this happens in SF5.

Okugawa would be great, Yoko Shimomura would be as well. I don’t know, there are quite a few great game music composers, it is pretty inexcusable for a big budget fighting game like SF to not get one of them to do the soundtrack. Music makes a big impact.

Some of the themes were good in 4. Some of the stage music was also good.

I agree. My favorite themes in IV are both Seth’s themes, Blast Furnace theme, Cosmic Elevator theme, Jurassic Era Research facility theme, and more than several others, but the rest of the music is mediocre overall and some songs are just bad.

I like, Juri’s theme, Volcanic rim, vega’s theme, morning mist bay, old temple, and a few others.

Juri’s theme is pretty bad ass.

It kinda reminds me of a lullabuy mixed some a eerie feel to me. It kinda reminds of me of twinkle twinkle little star form Dead space albit more fast paced. So it’s a plus for me.

Only SF4 I remember liking off the top of my head is Zangeif’s, but Zangief’s theme is almost always good so that doesn’t really count. Pretty much every SF game has had an amazing soundtrack except A3, 3S (some were good like Q’s theme and Jazzy NYC everything else was garbage imo), and SF4 series. I think the series’ high point when it came to music was either SNES WW or A2; SF2: 2I is also up there for amazing soundtrack (great stages too) but falls a little behind WW/A2. If they could just go back to themes that sounded like that, with a small amount of modern re-imagining taking place, my faith in this game would be almost completely restored.

there’s actually some good music in 4 but just when most tracks get good is when you have an ultra or low health so it goes into those loops which have no melody.

I don’t mind those on certain stages. Those are a hit and miss.

As a first step, they should erase all previous BGMs from their heads and come with a 100% new and original soundtrack this time. Classic or not, I’m sick to death of the SF2 soundtrack after hearing its remasterizations way too many times. As long as the soundtrack doesn’t have SxT level of quality, I’m fine.

You’re making Guile sad…

This would be cool if it was done right; however, I know damn well if they were to make a completely new soundtrack it would almost certainly be complete shit. This is why I instead suggested a mostly “back to the roots” style of music, so if all else fails at least there is some nostalgia to it.

I really liked SFIV’s soundtrack. Third Strike’s was the worst of all, IMO. They lost the “serious” nature of the game with that music. Alpha 3’s soundtrack, on the other hand, was, and still is, the best!

There are only a few songs on Third Strike that I like. Most of the songs on Third Strike are forgettable since I actually forgot most of those songs or they are boring. Many of the songs did not sync up to the fighting very well. Most songs did not have the heaviness that should match the heaviness and tension of a fight.

We don’t even know if that’s music from SF5 it could’ve just been promotional music like the one in the Super Street Fighter 4 trailer.