The most solid "casual" fighting game ever?

We are all probably familiar with the ugly step-children of FGs. Games such as Ultimate Ninja Storm, Budokai 3, etc. Out of these particular type of games, which would you say stood out as the most impressive from a gameplay/mechanics standpoint, despite the game being a more casual variant on what is typically considered a fighting game?

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And to answer your question: Tobal 2. @d3v agrees.

3rd Strike. End thread.

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Wouldn’t the answer be Melee?

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Melee would fit in quite nicely here…

third strike a step-child of fighting games?

I don’t get it

Oh fuck, he edited his post and made it look like I’m trashing 3S!

Karate Champ

If we are talking purely games aimed at the casual market, my personal votes would go to the DBZ Budokai games (specifically Budokai and not Tenkaichi) or Super DBZ. And one that doesn’t entirely count but whatever is SNK vs Capcom Fight of the Millenium on Neo Geo Pocket Color. That game was so damn solid for the simplified style it had.

Not really sure why my post got flagged. The question is about fighting games marketed at a casual audience, why would Smash not be in the conversation?

Tobal and 3S don’t really seem like casual games.

The Gundam VS series closely followed by the Gundam VS series.

I’d go with Mortal Kombat 9.
No idea why it’s considered a competitive game and goes to EVO every year, but imo that game is clearly casual and Ed Boon and co. couldn’t make a decently balanced fighter with interesting and deep mechanics, when their life depended on it.
At least the game has a good cast of characters, cool fatalities and completely ridiculous and broken combos.

I love that game.

Never played anything like Smash Brothers and the other stuff mentioned here aside from 3rd Strike but I wouldn’t consider 3s a game aimed at the casual gamer.
It’s frustrating as fuck and only appeals to the most masochistic of gamers, once you discover how much depth it has to it.

Word. 3rd is the most casual fighter ever. I mean, where else do you see men just fighting it out in their underwear and/or freeballing in the middle of a match.

the naruto games on gamecube.
those are some of the best casual++ fighting games imo.

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Thanks for the moving the thread and making it clearer, dudes.

Admittedly, I considered Smash, but considering the strong competitive following and it’s place in this years EVO, I was iffy about including it.

CON/GNT had a ton of potential as far as mechanics go, but I feel it could have been a lot more of a “true” fighting game if it had taken from other 3D-fighters. Namely, if there were more in the way of opening opponents up, with the inclusion of crouch-blocking and high, low, and mid-attacks. But, I digress. I certainly agree with your opinion. Combo cancelling was so beautiful… ಧ__ಧ


I would never called Tobal2 “casual” tbh :stuck_out_tongue: