The most dangerous person on the game is

Cable… you have to switch up yo whole game just for him. if a good cable has more than 3 levels and you make a mistake your dead.

IronMan: needs only one bar for a 100%
If someone was playing a GDLK Magneto or IronMan against Cable, Cable would be dead before he got to three bars.

Ironman is gay shit. Make a mistake and your whole team is dead.

sentinel dosn`t need meter …chips …rushdown and runaway … best defence nuf said …


Cable is the best, he’s got dat swag and dat voice and dat gun and dat KICK TO THE FACE

imagine if he had magnetos airdash

Cable, If someone plays Cable That means I have to Kill cable before he kills me or else I basically lose 2 characters…

I’d have to agree with these two, Godlike Iron-Man and Godlike Magneto is pretty much 1-hit kill, they’re fast and pretty much have multiple unbreakables and resets, especially Magneto.

Cable… you have to have meter with him, otherwise he’s one of the best keep away characters.

My opinion:
1]The Ironmen [Ironman and War Machine. Of the 2, Ironman is faster, and thus more dangerous]
-One touch and your whole team explodes. On that subject, any character capable of calling assists in a sj combo that’s backed with Ruby Heart’s capture, and Ironman in the same team is just as bad because they can knock you into Ruby Heart, DHC in Ruby, Ruby Tags in Ironman, and you’re in the infinite. Any character that can set up a tag combo bringing in Ironman also qualifies.
-Ghost breath mummification infinite with guard breaks. This is a true 300% with no meter dependency. In the arcade version, you doll-up 100% while in Dreamcast and other versions, sometimes you don’t.
-Alpha counter XX AHVBx3-4, AHVBx3-4 with guardbreaking
4]Magneto with Ironman-b
-One touch = infinite to unmashable, to possible second infinite, to tempest whiff proton cannon, to IM guard breaking.This qualifies under Ironman too.
-You also have whiff cancel XX proton cannon frame-cancels for semi-unblockable proton cannons [and if backed by Sentinel, DHC him in for death, followed by a tag-in of Ironman for the guard-break].
-Double-Snap XX Helper infinite is also an option.
-He renders the majority of the characters in this game completely unplayable.
-You can get locked down, and if you have the wrong characters, escape is impossible. Especially with Doom or Sabertooth assists. Even if you can get out, you’re usually in no position to threaten Spiral. You can actually lose the match without either player landing a hit when she’s involved.
-Double-Snap, infinite assist, guardbreak second character, infinite XX unmashable XX DHC, 2 down.

Honorable mentions:
Juggernaut-a/b/y glitched and metered, Hulk-b [Corner killing infinite, Inescapable crush combos with assists cause instant death for ONE bar], Megaman [near-impossible to set up and execute killing rainbow infinite]

Dark Prince.

Justin Wong

ironman is the most deadly for sure. war machine can also kill you fairly quickly.

Obviouslt yall ain’t been shot…