The Most Beautiful Interviewe That You'll Ever Read (My Interview With Jozhear)

Hello everybody! I got the chance to interview, in my opinion THE BEST VEGA player, Jozhear. I would post the text here, but SRK has a writing limit.

I hope that you guys will appreciate this interview, take care.

as always, not over confident, never looking down people, dedicate with work, we are proud of you, joz

Thanks for checking it out. Jozhear is a true star of this community, and I really do appreciate his efforts. :slight_smile:

Nice interview.

I know Joz shouted out his own (really good!) combo video, but I think as far as SF4 go, THE Vega combo video already exists:


Haha, you can’t blame him for promoting his own material, lol. Thanks for your feedback.

Awesome interview dude!

Jozhear, your my hero buddy :slight_smile:

Great interview. Jozhear, you’re the man!