The Monthly Beat Down #12 @ The E Spot JC,NJ Results

Are People Scared of Super?..anyways here are the results
Brackets Here

1 Sanford “santhrax” Kelly (EMP)
2 Peter “Flash Metroid” Susini (EMP)
3 Ryder (FYC)
4 Martin “marn” Phan (EMP)
5 Damien “damdai” Dailidenas
5 Chris “Fascinating” Hu
7 Eric “Smooth Viper” Arroyo
7 Jet Set Dizzy
9 Liston
9 Phillip C. “KDZ” Atkinson (FYC)
9 DJ Katastroph3
9 Andy “Auto-Demon” Liu

Team Results
Team Empire Arcadia (Sanford, Marn, Flash Metroid)
NJ Deadly Allaince (Dizzy, KDZ, Ryder)
Team Auto Damdai (Auto Demon, Damdai, Chris Hu)

Do you have team results?

ohmz I really wanted to make it to this but i had work I guess CTF it is then.

Ill get them from mike