The mobility of sfxt is horrible

srsly its fckd up,and just to make things more clear,
i use raven and yoshi,they both relay heavily on mobility and randomness(in tekken)
but this game is just gets on my nerves,im not trying to judge or anything but whats the point of these characters,thiere new moves are speed oriented
yet they move so slow,its almost imposibble to craft a strategy when your opponent just mashes chains(both low and mid).please give me tips,ohh and i cant find the sfxt forums sorry



  1. Raven’s mobility is pretty good, he walks faster than over half the cast, has teleports and controls space like a boss with that shuriken… so I dunno what you’re going on about there? AA with his standing medium kick, zone with shurikens, profit.

  2. Yoshi’s movement is pretty trash but again he has a teleport and his j.hp is difficult to challenge without an invincible AA. But then none of that really matters because all yoshi needs to do in most of his matchups is suck people in with whirlwind (charge delay it to catch people walking/jumping) from fullscreen and tag cancel to his partner. Oh, and his light gehosen AA’s pretty much everything free.

If you’re actually WANTING to play characters that depend on ‘randomness’ these two arn’t what you’re looking for in SFxT (yoshi can be with meter, but raven definately isn’t as he’s more of a fundamentals character here). Might wanna try:

  • hwaorang: very strong, very easy to pick up on a basic level. Very high execution ceiling if you want to maximize him though (stance cancels).
  • xiaoyu: very fast, great damage, disgusting oki. Struggles against characters with stronger neutral options. Again, high execution ceiling to get her potential (stance cancels).
  • christie: No one plays this character and her strings contain many high/low elements. Decent normals to work with, unchallengable AA with cr.hp
  • lei: again, no one plays this character… learning him might take a while however with all those stances.
  • elena: very solid neutral game and one of the only characters on the SF side to have high/low options mid string that lead to damage (requires meter).
  • abel: pseudo-grappler, most of his normals are a bit hard to work with but he’s pretty decent and brings a command grab to the mix along with a fast overhead upclose.

If you just want speed (as in, walk speed)… then you’ll need to pick from the SF cast, because the top 10 walk speeds in the game belong to SF (xiao is #11) with vega sitting on the throne.

Keep in mind that this is capcom’s representation of the tekken cast and their strengths here do NOT nessacerily reflect their strengths in tekken (example: lars is fast as hell in tekken, but in SFxT his moves are all very slow but give him a ton of frame advantage. His only real speed comes from specials which are all unsafe.). Generally speaking, the SF side dominates in movement and footsies; Tekken side dominates in mixups and damage. Kaz still all about dat EWGF tho… >.>

i guess any relation from the tekken games didnot transfer very well into sfxt except the characters themselves,which sucks becouse
im a huge tekken player,and btw yoshi was the epidomy of randomness and raven was move tactical and less lowering them into this kinf of meta game is underwhelming.

Yoshi has plenty of your so called random.

He has very good high low options that lead into very heavy damage with meter. Windmills to catch whiffs even if they whiff an jump attack since the windmill will catch their landing. and then convert it to great damage via tag cancel into your partner.

EX suicide tag does insane damage and hits high and allows your tag in partner a free jump in combo with 250 damage on top.

Do your homework before making these assumptions. Though he is quite slow, windmill and his incredibly far reaching jump ins makes up for it. His dash fprward is good too.

There’s a yoshimitsu subforum if you look around and there should be several guides by Vulcan, some old but he left annotations to show you if the info is relevant

Look into kuma as well if you want that playstyle. They coincidentally make a great team with yoshi on point.