The McHuge Monsters Association - Looking for Monsters! (PC Only)

The McHuge Monsters Association is a newly formed Teamspeak 3 gaming community. We’re looking for more Monsters to come and play Street Fighter and fighting games in general!

Any skill level is welcome. I, myself, am pretty bad. X D I only recently beat the Hardest AI! So don’t be intimidated if you’re learning, we’re not a pro-level group. If you wanna get better, if you wanna train, if you wanna just dick around and play Dan and button-mash please stop by! The only requirements are the following :smile:

  1. You are 16+
  2. You’re reasonably affable
  3. You’re not cognitively impaired
  4. You have a microphone

We have a strong core of gamers that branch out into other games, too. We play League of Legends, Don’t Starve Together, CS:GO, Killing Floor 2, so if you only play SF4 on the side and wanna just join the group to game in general, come be a Monster!

Weekly Membership Update - week 1 :

League of Legends - 4 new Monsters

Don’t Starve Together - 2 new Monsters

Ultra Street Fighter 4 - 1 new Monster

Killing Floor 2 - 1 new Monsters

Minecraft - 1 new Monster

Upcoming Events
7 - 8 : Movie Night - Horror - The Taking of Deborah Logan

7 - 10 : Drink Night! Drinking and games

Fledgling Website :

Welcome to SRK. Please read the stickies before posting (hint: no matchmaking threads in the SF4 section).


Got it, thanks. :slight_smile:

Got a training partner! A Dudly player! Need more! MORE MORE MOREEEEEEEEEE!! RARARARARA


Got 2 more monsters yesterday :smiley: