The Mayor's Office - Cody Thread

He’s back. He’s suave. He’s prepared.

The cuffs are broken and he’s ready to dispense justice to Mad Gear, or anything that gets in the way of the peace of Metro City.

Trailer that revealed Cody -

Now that he’s a Mayor, you think he’ll still have his Knife mechanic? I mean I know that he’s always had it, but that was to partly represent how prisoners fought.

I mean don’t get me wrong,i’m glad he’s back and they finally dropped the whole prisoner gimmick but cleaned up Cody looks generic AF. Really
forward to see his character progression in Story Mode to see how he went from the prison cell to the Mayor’s office.

My boy’s lookin’ clean. Something tells me he won’t play like the old Cody.

If he doesn’t I hope Haggar passed down the pipe.

His design in general is generic outside of the prisoner get up, his original outfit is just a shirt and jeans.

I think it looks nice but doesn’t ooze personality, it’s hard to reimagine a character who’s been stuck in one design for like 15 years, I think the Mayor approach is fitting of Cody as a redemption story.

Yeah i guess it is but you have to admit,it’s an extremely big change in the character considering he was still in jail and apathetic to the world up until his last appearance. Cody’s my boy and all but i don’t think he’s worthy to step up and take Mike’s place like this.

If he was a Bounty Hunter or a member of the MCPD,sure i could see that happening but the whole Mayor arc i dunno. Kinda hard to let it sink in!

I’m really digging this new direction for him. As someone who loved Cody back in SFIV and am a giant lore nerd I’m really interested to see if anyone references the fact the cuffs are off.

I’m feeling the suit look waaaaaaaay more than the jail outfit. SF4 had shit costumes for Cody and now he’s getting justice! Don’t really see a reason to rock his nostalgia gear over that fresh new look!

Did you see how cool he looked slicking his hair back? I almost changed my sexual orientation right there.

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I don’t give a shit, I’ll play with the prison suit. I’m here to kick ass, not to govern a city.

His jeans and tanktop outfit in IV wasn’t bad. I wouldn’t mind rocking the prison suit, but it’d be weird if it was without the cuffs, and I swear he better have Zonk Knuckle and he better yell BINGO! or I will one man riot.

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Easily my most anticipated character this Season. Love his new design but hoping he gets his Alpha/4 and Final Fight designs as costumes.

Gorgeous mf

I realize everyone wants Cody’s Final Fight and Alpha costumes but Cody NEEDS his “Death” look for a Halloween costume mostly because Streetwise was just the right kind of bad for a bad game.

I never was a big fan of jail Cody so I like this new take on him going back to his more heroic, old school self. He’s the original generic white ass kicker Kurt Russell inspiration. He finally has something to aspire for and isn’t tied down by the chains and hamburgler jail wear. A more modern jail wear wouldn’t have been so bad (which he had as alt outfit in IV), but the stripes are so tired looking now.

Which also means his play style might adjust a bit to change that. Like how Juri changed was likely based on her losing power in the story (and that they weren’t going to let her spam fireballs all over the screen).

Like Juri, expect him to be rather different this time around. Some same functions, but expect what you’re not expecting.

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I think his staple specials like Criminal Upper, Zonk and Ruffian will still be present but I can’t see some of his normals transitioning and I can’t see Bad Rock returning. I would like a little focus on weaponry as well, knives/pipes and more to pay homage to Final Fight. He’s the protagonist so it makes sense.

In a perfect world he’ll play the same with some of his Alpha tools reemerging for the V-System, and some reimagined Final Fight things.

Vism Dodge is finally coming back. That has to be one of his VTs.

On costumes -
His nostalgia outfit from IV was absolutely terrible, covered in tatts wearing a fucking chain with a glock?

And the rest of them were terrible. Sandal Cody, Furry Cody…bleh.

V-ism dodge is his VS. (Probably with some followups to actually get the V-Meter) Calling it right now.

It’s like reuniting with an old friend. I’m ready to pick this character apart!

I say another V-Skill would be he rips off the suit, and goes back to Jail cody with all of previous cody’s moves, including knife and bad stone. I’m calling it now :slight_smile:

Didn’t really play SF4 story mode…

Why is Cody the mayor now?