The mayor is back! The Mike Haggar discussion thread



Lariat into Thanos for big reward:

How do you pick someone up after his air grab? I can’t seem to get the timing down after a tag.

Here’s a 1 bar bnb for 6.7k damage that i put together:

Haggars Giant Press super creates a ground bounce that be comboed into a level 3 super. I got 7.8k out of this one but suspect you can get more:

So who have people been using with him and which stones have people been using? I have heard that zoning and/or keepaway in this game is harder along with being too “fair” but I haven’t had a chance to play online with him yet so I can’t say for certain. I just wanted to see what peoples thoughts are on teammates and stone options.

bleep bloop

I think he needs reality stone just to stay even. You can jump, reality stone, and barrel toss on the way down, then start your offense. Barrel generally clears anything in the way(like their stone), and then your stone followup allows your offense to begin.

Is there a point to HK Hoodlum Launcher?
It was a grab in MVC3 wasn’t it, but it’s just an attack grab in this game?

Could I get a notation for that combo please? My brain works a whole lot better reading a notation then trying to recreate it

Not sure how explored this is but it can lead to some really oppressive situation if exploited correctly. It’s very similar to the Dante Beehive glitch. You can mind stone them or Nemesis anti-air command grab them on the way down and there is no getting out of it regardless of Aerial Recovery Direction, including up. Only option that I’ve had work against it is Soul Storm.

Did these up

You can level 3 any combo if you have half a storm meter

whys it sometimes haggar’s body body press super during an air combo drops the combo and doesnt hit the opponent leaving you open for punishment? is there an alloted number of hits you can do before the super is no longer valid?

I really wish I knew the answer to this because it bothers the hell out of me.

IMO, that super just isn’t worth the risk unless you do it immediately after HK hoodlum launcher or use it for tag shenanigans.

HK Hoodlum launcher is fun. I use it during blockstrings when I condition opponents to block and cancel the hooligan jump into pipe, body slash for ambiguous cross up, jumping HK or whatever.