[The Live Arena] Combo Contest - Free Entry - 9/10 to 10/16

The Live Arena Returns**

***The Live Arena is an organization by Divinus Interactive to bring entertainment to you through gaming.

*The Live Arena has returned after a 6 month break, fresh, and as a new organization. To start it up, we’ll be hosting a Combo Contest! The Combo Contest will have it’s rules and regulations just like any other contest. To find out more about it, read on.

Entree Fee:

$25 Cash Prize

What is a Combo Contest?
A Combo Contest (for us) is a competition in which people send us their videos, camera recorded or video capture, of their Street Fighter 4 combos.

**When is it?
**It will take over the course of two weeks. The following is our schedule:

Skimming Round: 9/10 - 9/30
Judges will quickly review all videos sent during this week.

Preliminaries: 10/01 - 10/08
On September 17th, the video submissions will be closed for all combos under a certain amount of criteria. Judges will have selected a percentage of the videos by this time and will focus more in-depth on the videos that have made it through the Skim Week.

Finals: 10/09 - 10/16
Submissions will have ONE FULL WEEK for the Judges to place a score, AS WELL as Fan Votes. The system will be discussed below.

**Judgment System:
**If you think that you’ll do the LONGEST combo ever. It’s not that simple. We do NOT take the longest combo and grant you as the winner. We will have FIVE TLA judges ready to watch all the submitted videos.

These judges will rate your Combo Videos with the following criteria:

-Time Elapsed
-Length of Combo

Bonus Criteria:
Players will earn more judgment points if they are under any of the following conditions:

]Done in a G1 Match
[*]Done in a G2 Match
In short, the longest combo, may not be the winner. It could be a huge factor in the judging process but it is what brings home the gold.

Final Week: Voting
During the Final Week, the top percentage of videos that have made it passed

**-Video Must be No Longer than 60 seconds-
-Video Must be No LARGER than 30MB-

Video Must Include:
-Combo Number-
-Player Name-
-A Mentioning of The Live Arena as well as the Date and Time

Signing Up:
Please inform us that you will be joining this Free Contest by responding to this thread.

Sign Ups will be available on Thursday, September 10th, at 5PM Pacific Standard Time. You will need to fill out a form as well as an upload page for your video that will go directly to The Live Arena staff.

The Live Arena Main Site is still under heavy construction.
**Direct them HERE. And I will answer them ASAP.

Thank you!

Reserved for later purposes.