The Literature Thread (Yes, some of us still reed)

“Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become.”
-C.S. Lewis

Oh no, reading?? Who wants to read on a fighting-game forum? Gross! But yeah, this thread will be used to discuss all things literature. Talk about your favorite stories, poems, lyrics, hell even post and discuss some of your own work if you feel comfortable enough! I’d love to see what some of you have written. I guess comics and manga could be considered relevent hence they *are *[SIZE=3]graphics novels, but if they do come into the discussion at least try to keep it mostly involved with manga (hence I know there’s already a comic thread, haven’t seen a manga thread). Even so, still try to keep it involved around literature. You know, books. Edgar Allen Poe, Dante Alighieri, [/SIZE]Harlan Ellison, or some more modern authors.

Remember, please don’t flame people for their opinions nor’ especially for their stories! Writers know just how awful it feels to have their work smashed by a bunch of assholes. o_O

ive been reading 1984 by George Orwell. Great book so far


:rofl: I don’t even want to edit the thread title since it amuses me so much.

Edit: This is a book only thread by the way, if you want opinions on your shitty Sephiroth x MLP fanfiction, take it to the fan fiction section.

Writing has been a part of me for so long now that I consider my passion for it on par with my passion for FGs, which is no small feat. I actually took the dive and got a novel published last year which can be foundhere. Usually I’m writing about assorted FG canons but every so often I’ll jump into the world of original fiction.

Right now I’m about halfway through a Batman mystery because hey, it was once said that every writer has a good Batman story in him.

Nigga, there’s a difference between a fan fiction and an original work of literary art. Fan fiction would imply that it uses elements from an already existing/popular thing. This, is not what this thread is for.

That sounds familiar…what is it about?

Either way, there’s a section for writings. If you want to discuss novels, this thread is fine. If you want to discuss your own writings, then I’m going to close this and send you to the Street Writer section. God I hate that retarded name. Sano probably came up with it.

Anybody read The Black Company series?

Right now I’m in the middle of Christopher Hitchens memoir. All the literary references makes me feel hella ignant for being of the “fuck reading” mindset in HS.

Have any of you ever read the short story “I Have No Mouth, And I must Scream”? It’s absolutely brilliant. One of my favorite horror stories of all time, save maybe Berenice and a few others.

Fair enough. I’d feel ashamed posting in a section called that, however…

God, how stupid that name actually is just hit me. :sad:

And just for the record, I spent the last year reading all the Bond novels (Flemming, Gardner, and Benson), and now I just started the Ludlum Bourne trilogy.

When I’m not writing anything, I enjoy reading either graphic novels or autobiographies. The last one I read was “The Last Outlaw” by Stan Hansen. It was cool to hear stories about what pro wrestling was like before WWF went national, but man I think Stan Hansen took way too many shots to the head. His story-telling was all over the place and he would ramble for page after page before getting to the topic he wanted to address.

…currently reading new Gambit comic :coffee:

I had no idea that those were even books.

There’s a new one? :wtf: I’ve had my face buried in Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Spiderman, ect. recently. I can’t even remember the last time I heard about that guy. He’s super underrated.

reading that top tier Virginia Wolf shiiiitttt

There’s a new series(yes, they’re trying again)

This is the first one that came out about a month ago, im going to finish today(been busy doing other things) then going to pick up the 2nd issue that came out yesterday

You mean the Bond books?

ATM I am reading A Game of Thrones, the first book in a Song of Ice and Fire

Reading Star Wars: Path of Destruction.
God Damn do I love Bane <3