The Lei Wulong Thread

Yeah. I was gonna do Leo’s thread, but this’ll do.

Eventually this post will link to prerelease footage of Lei in action as it is released, sorted by newest to oldest.

Eventually Capcom will decide which tenth of Lei’s command list to include in the game and then I will probably post it here.

I probably won’t include any needlessly oversized character art for the purpose of being distracting and stretching out the post, although that may be subject to change.

  • marks recent additions.


*[3/16/12] - Lei & Christie ripped gameplay demonstration - Youtube
*[3/15/12] - Lei Complete Trial Mode (ripped) - Youtube
*[3/10/12] - Lei & Christie Story Mode Rival Battle cutscene - Youtube
*[3/09/12] - Lei Trial Mode (ripped) - Youtube
*[3/09/12] - Video of stances (ripped) - Youtube
[3/05/12] - Lei & Bryan vs. Jack-X & Sakura (ripped, all CPU) - Part 1 / Part 2
[3/04/12] - Lei & Bryan ripped gameplay demonstration - Youtube
[3/04/12] - Lei & Christie Story Mode Ending - Youtube
[3/03/12] - Lei & Christie Story Mode Prologue - Youtube

Public service announcement: SRK is not the smoothest forum ever as far as handling embedded videos, so whenever gameplay starts showing up, let’s try not to flood the page with embedded youtube panels. Text links like the above are just as useful and less clunky/finicky, plus they let you use timecodes.

Confirmed moveset so far (incomplete):

Regular Stance

regular stance

[details=Spoiler]Special Moves:

Reverse Lotus
-anti-air crescent kick with followup, EX has invuln-

Floating Lotus
(during Reverse Lotus) :k:
-straight kick after landing, hits overhead-

Comet Kick
-cartwheel kick, avoids fireballs/low attacks-
-leads to Back Turn stance-

Comet Strike
(during Comet Kick) :k:
-overhead stomp, hard knockdown-

Tornado Kick
:qcb::k: (up to 3 times)
-spinning kick, repeatable-

Orchid Palm
-two-hand palm strike, lp version knocks away, mp/hp wallbounces, EX crumples/projectile invuln-

Orchid Dance
-simple 4-hit super without much oki, but wallbounces airborne opponents for followup juggles-

Unique Attacks:

Razor Rush
:f::mp: > :lp: > :mp: > :lp:
-hold down or up after first hit to enter Snake stance-
-hold down or up after second hit to enter Dragon stance-
-hold down or up after third hit to enter Panther stance-
-hold down or up after fourth hit to enter Tiger stance-

Razor Rush Low Kick
(during 4th hit of Razor Rush) :lk:
-hits low-

Razor Rush Mid Kick
(during 4th hit of Razor Rush) :mk:
-hold forward after hit to enter Crane stance-[/details]

-seems like further taps of up or down will continue changing stances, double-tap to cancel-
-down goes snake > panther > crane > snake, up goes snake > dragon > tiger > snake-

snake stance

[details=Spoiler]Snake Stance

  • Fast forward walkspeed, poor backwards walkspeed

Rushing Snake
(during Snake) :lp: > :lp: > :lp: > :lp: >:lp:
-hold forward after last hit to remain in Snake stance-

Snapping Snake
(during Snake) :lp: > :mp: > :lp: > :mp:
-hold forward after second hit to remain in Snake stance-
-hold forward after third hit to enter Panther stance-

Snake Bite Combo
(during Snake) :mp: > :mp: > :mk: > :lk: > :mk:
-last hit launches-
-hold forward after second hit to enter Dragon stance-[/details]

(during Snake) :d:

panther stance

[details=Spoiler]Panther Stance
-faster back walkspeed than forwards

(during Panther) :u:

Panther Scratch
(during Panther) :lp: > :mp:
-2 hand swipes, remains in Panther afterwards-

Beating Kick Low Combo
(during Panther) :mk: > :mp: > :lp: > :mp: > :lk:
-last hit hits low-

Beating Kick Mid Combo
(during Panther) :mk: > :mp: > :lp: > :mp: > :mk:
-last hit hits overhead-[/details]

(during Panther) :d:

crane stance

[details=Spoiler]Crane Stance
-slow walkspeed-
-when neutral/walking forward, will avoid attacks with low height that don’t hit low-
-when neutral/walking forward, will automatically absorb/counter moves that hit low with Leaping Crane (no juggle)-

(during Crane) :u:

Special Move:

Leaping Crane
(during Crane) :uf::k:
-double hopkicks, launches-
-avoids low-height attacks-

Unique Attacks:

Crane Dance
(during Crane) :lk: > :mk: > :mp: > :lk:
-last hit launches-
-hold forward after last hit to enter Back Turn-[/details]

(during Snake) :u:

dragon stance

[details=Spoiler]Dragon Stance
-below average walkspeed-

(during Dragon) :d:

Special Move:

Dragon’s Spite
(during Dragon) :f::p::p:

Unique Attacks:

Cuju Kick (?)
(during Dragon) :lk:
-hits low, knocks down-
-hold forward to enter Crane stance-

Dragon Roar (?)
(during Dragon) :hp:
-knocks back-
-hold forward to enter Tiger stance-

Dragon’s Fang Attack (?)
(during Dragon) :mk: :lp: :mp: :lk:
-hold forward after second hit to enter Tiger stance-[/details]

(during Dragon) :u:

tiger stance

[details=Spoiler]Tiger Stance
-slow walkspeed-

(during Tiger) :d:

Special Move:

Double Tiger Palm
(during Tiger) :f::p::p::p:
-hard knockdown-[/details]

Drunken Master Walk

drunken stance

[details=Spoiler]Drunken Stance

Special Moves

Spinning Headbutt
(during Drunken Master Walk) :b::p::p:

Drunken Fall
(during Drunken Master Walk) :f::p::p:
-overhead lunge attack, ground bounces, leads to Play Dead-
-from play dead, hold back/downback to get up-

Staggering Slide
(during Play Dead) :k::k:
-hard knockdown-

Unique Attacks:

Drunken Rapid Fists
(during Drunken Master Walk) :mp: > :mp:
-second hit special-cancelable-

Drunken Fox Combination
(during Drunken Master Walk) :lk: > :mp: > :hk:
-first hit hits low, last hit launches-

Tiger Sip
(during Drunken Master Walk) :p::p: (up to 3 times)
-pantomimes drinking alcohol, leans back, sticking leg out-
-upper body invulnerable-
-3 uses leads to Play Dead-

Tiger Sip Blow
(during Tiger Sip) :f::p:
-knocks back after 1 Tiger Sip, counterhit = wallbounce-
-automatic counterhit after 2 Tiger Sips-[/details]

Back Turn

backturn stance

[details=Spoiler]Backturn Stance
-can only move toward opponent, walking back exits stance-

Reverse Double Kick
(during Back Turn) :mk: > :hk:
-straight kick into crouching crescent kick, last hit launches-

Dancing Spear
(during Back Turn) :hp: > :mp: > :lk: > :lp:
-last hit knocks down, remains in Back Turn afterwards-
-hold forward after last hit to enter Drunken Master Walk-[/details]


Sailboat Stretch
(forward or neutral throw)

Closing Fan
(back throw)

Man his inclusion has me hype. He better be day one DLC or I am just going to be upset. Played him since 3 onward and I hope they did not dumb him down too much (probably did though).

i’d imagine they would have to dumb him down quite a bit (as with all of the Tekken characters), will be interesting to see how his playstyle and multiple stances translate

The closet thing I can think of is that he’ll be like Gen, but better. He’ll have multiple stances, with each stance having different normals and a few special moves, but unlike Gen, who just has 2 stances, Lei will have several. He’ll likely be a strong, versatile character, but one that’s hard to master.

I’m so hype, finally get to play Team Supercop, Lei/Chun.

They’ll probably just shorten him down to a drunken fist fighter without the other stances. Otherwise can’t wait to press up or down for different stances then. :shy:

Razor rushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I remember posting about this before, but i’m pretty sure Lei has 13 stances, Default, Snake, Panther, Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, Crane, Backturned, Drunken, and 4 different laying down stances.

I would be happy if they could just include, besides default, the animal stances since razor rush was such a big part of Lei’s game in T6. But it seems likely he’ll get maybe drunken and/or snake. But hopefully they are at least fully fledged stances like Gen.

Razor Rush, PLD and Rave Spin would be nice. Rave Spin especially if it’s just as fast as Tekken version or faster, and has combo opportunity.

I wonder what his special moves would be? Razor rush might have potential to be a rekka type move, but like Abel where you just hold forward after the first rep since it would be a faster one. Or maybe they would put the effort into making the stances the special moves.

Hopefully they don’t make him look like a jackass like Law does. Don’t get me wrong, Law looks pretty strong potentially, but his walk/face look stupid to me. I know it’s superficial garbage but still.

If eddy can rlx and handstand in this game, then Lei should have pld, fcd, knd, and/or sld. I agree RR should be a rekka type. As long as they have his animal stances I’m fine, but if they include DRU and its punch parry that’d be interesting too, as well as, tgr parry, pnt low parry, and crn’s T5DR auto low jump or T6’s auto crn uf+4.

Wow that’s a bit to much lol, but if they put in all off Xiaoyu’s stances hthey could do the same for Lei wong,

So going to use Lei, saying it now.

definitely hype and hope this guy is definite dlc - a secondary team of bruce lee and jackie chan is an exciting concept hahaha

lei is tight

these tekken characters are so cool LOL

lol I doubt all of that will be in but I can dream can’t I. I’m wondering how he will evade fireballs, maybe switching stances, that’d be cool sorta like how snk to pnt or crn to pnt evaded a bit in DR. Hmm or maybe going into sleeping stance to evade fireballs.

Gameplay video is up. Lei has his neutral stance, snake, dragon, panther, tiger, crane and drunken stance. Saw him do his ff+3,4 out of drunken stance.


cracks knuckles… guess daddy’s got some work to do

Also just going to c/p my post from the other thread- all of his animal stances should be in there and it seems like a ss (probably just up or down or something 1 input), can go directly into it, can do it after snk 1 or 1,2 or 1,2,1, or 1,2,1,2 (i THINK- it sort of looked like he was doing this into dragon though not exactly fast)

"Lets seeee…

Stances still have a bunch of the regular moves out of it. Pnt 4 is in, it LOOKs like snk 1,2,1,2 is in, snk 3 is in, dru 4, a VERY weird f,f+3,4, looks like snk 1,2,1,2 can be stopped in middle to go into a stance (i saw dragon out of snk 1,2) just like tekken, crn moves still seem same without hard knockdown"

Considering he does raw stance switches from standing and crouching I assume it’s just Gen-style with kicks to go one way and punches to go the other way through the list.

Then a special input for drunken and whatever else. There’s already some moves on other characters that lead to self-knockdown (Law’s ridiculous EX somersault) so I assume the play-dead mode would work similarly (with rolls and such.)

I thought there might be a little projectile-invulnerable hop on the manual switch, but this is probably better in the end for ease of access.

would make sense about the stance switching… i know nothing about gen but I’ll take your word for it (hated sf4 with a passion =/ )

I wonder if they will allow him to go into dru and pld without a transition… i think the vid showed drunken after a transition? (which is also in tekken ofcourse so not ruling the raw stance out either). The pld thing seems a little… cheap… for sf.