The Legend of Dreamcast Trigger Lag

Posted a question in this thread to no avail, so now it gets it’s own thread.

So, where did this notion of official DC controllers having trigger lag come from? I remember reading somewhere, when this topic came up, that stuff like Zangief’s Lariat wasn’t reliable because of this? Out of curiosity/disbelief I soldered X, Y, and the Right Trigger hall effect sensor pin indicated on the SlagCoin guide together and Zangief’s Lariat (MvsC2) worked 100% of the time.

Unless there is gross lag (which I am unable to detect, just playing a game) the only real way to prove lag would be for someone to write a homebrew program for the DC that would sample the button inputs and display response time differences between button presses in milliseconds. With all punch buttons tied together as I described above, said program could tell us how much extra time it takes for the system to register analog trigger activation over a digital button press. It can be assumed that the controller’s ADC is going to take a bit more time to process the analog sample, but my wager is that it’s a delay far too small for a human to detect.

right trigger is assist in mvc2.

In MVC2 Lariat is LP and HP. You need to try Lariat in SF Alpha 3 or SuperTurbo Matching Service.

I see you’ve been posting this question up in multiple places, but all of the proof you need, and information on the test itself so you could try yourself could have been found by searching.
Please, for the sake of anybody who might be tempted to use a first party pad, don’t try and instill doubt. The triggers on the first party Dreamcast controllers do lag; in 18 out of 20 times tested, the input from the triggers showed up a minimum of a full frame or more later than a digital input activated at the same time. I custom written DC program isn’t needed, since we had both the input display in CvS2 training mode, plus seeing if Ryu did f+strong or f+fierce moves.

i’m sure that i’m not the only one who’s probed the maple bus chip with a meter. i didn’t bother probing everthing, but the inputs that i did ohm out, matched pin for pin on the maple bus chips. pin 34 is Z and pin 42 is C on the agetec. on the pad both pins are pulled high. with agetec pcbs being cheap enough, i’m not going to destroy one of my own pads, but someone else may want to look into this further.

So it’s only the controller?

If I use a PS2 controller with a lagless converter will it still lag on those buttons?

the problem is in the trigger, dude.
try doing T.Hawk’s condor dive, then you will notice

I tried multiple searches and the results were as if I’d just searched for “dreamcast” (tons of hits). What search parameters did you use to turn up that link?

Thanks. Excellent.