The Legality of making/selling a fighter maker game in the US

I have drawn 8(maybe 12) characters sprites for a fighting game I am making. Is it legal to buy a Japanese game engine(fighter maker 2nd round) make a game with it and sell it in america/europe.

The engine is untranslated and not pirated. I am not familiar with thier ToS or end user agreement.

From what I learned, the japanese version of FM2nd you can use for commercial use, but not the english. I’ll see if I can post the link about it.

Oh ok. So if I use the japanese version its ok to sell?

Yeah. The English verison is an unofficial fan translated version, so you can’t profit off it.

Can you sell Game Created with Fighter Maker ?

here’s a link to the whole discussion.

Buy the japanese version.

compile the translated version on the japanese version.

Then you can sell it.