The left hand (accurately doing moves)

Hey guys, i was trying to master the poke xx super
and i figured out that the only thing holding me back was my left hand. What ime sayign is that i have better control over my right hand than i do over the left. This means i hit the buttons on the stick perfectly, but my motions suck.

So i am asking you guys for any ideas on how i could improve my left hand’s execution ability? (i kinda wish i could buy a reverse joystick so the left hand could get the work out that the righ has gotten hititng buttions.)

start masturbating with your left hand instead of your right it will increase hand speed and strength

so you know that works form experence then?

But really people lets be serous here…
the ability to control your chracter is very important… damn i hate random flamers.

play cross handed!

P.S. Obot64, do you hate random flamers that are funny?

yo obot, you just have to hold the stick softly , that was my problem when i started out playing fighting games on sticks.

you must be rike wahtah when you hord your joystick!!! you must plow wit it!

Yes Burghy, i hate your funny ass.
But i think i may play cross handed, and get good liek that
so when i am in turnys i will temp all the stupid people to do the same thing, and they will become easily elimited :lol:

Just practice your execution? Playing cross handed is uncommon, but can be done. If it makes you more comfortable to play cross handed, go for it.

And in general it’s easier to get the button presses right than the stick motion. I can do the button presses for every CC in the game! Just practice

How do you hold the stick?? I kinda’ “wine cup” it… it prolly makes a big difference… does anyone know if theres a “proper” way to hold a joystick???

American style sticks: grasp the whole thing in your hand as if it were a penis

Japanese style sticks: Hold the stick part (right below the ball) between your middle finger and thumb

Seems like somebody here knows a lot about holding other dude’s penis’s… :lol:


I used to hold the joystick like a baseball bat, with all four fingers wrapped around it from the left side. Recently, I’ve started holding it between my middle and ring fingers. It’s really a big improvement. It seems to require less movement in general and really helps with your wrist action. It felt a little strange when I first tried it, but I got used to it quickly and now the old way feels terrible. I wonder if this is the way most good players hold it.

i use my thumb and index finger only holding the tip of the stick