The last of the Comic Con 04 Exclusives! Goutetsu, Birdie, and Ibuki!

Check it out guys. Let me know what ya think.

The Birdie and Ibuki are really great! The Goutetsu is kind of meh but whatever it’s still Goutetsu lol that was a good request. :tup:

Yea that was a awsome request I might just have to put a bid on Goutetsu

Goutetsus by it now price is :looney:

Yeah if I had the money to go to San Diego (unless Udon comes back to NY, still those full page drawings they were charging 100 bones and more while the smaller ones that I got were only about 10…) I’d have Alvin Lee draw Ryu and Chun-Li getting married, Ryu in a tuxedo and Chun-Li in a wedding dress! I dunno though, for some reason I think Keiji Inafune or some other Capcom of Japan person will come out of nowhere and yell “NOOOOOOO!” and throw himself on top of the drawing board stopping the drawing half way… :rofl:

Seriously though if they come back to NY or if I ever do manage to go to San Diego I’d have them draw some strange characters, Cammy from Final Fight Streetwise, Saya the Final Boss of Namco x Capcom and Blair from SF EX, maybe Strider and Dante man I’d go nuts! They really will draw anyone so long as you bring reference. :lovin: