The KOF XIV General Discussion Thread 3.0 patch released!

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Talk everything KoF XIV/SNK here but don’t go overboard try to stay on topic, that being KOF XIV related.


Najd looks so much better without her hood…

Another of those gatherings for female KOF players is coming later this month.

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We need special command before round to remove it.

Still trying to get good at this game. It’s a struggle for the talentless.

Xiao Hai impressions of the DLC characters


Blue Mary



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Another set between Xiao Hai and Tiandi. Amusingly, they keep OCVing each other with Najd.


The artist for the KOF: A New Beginning manga drew the 2nd DLC pack characters

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Sylvie and Zarina trailer for Heroines


IDK if I like that the silhouettes are quite unpredictable. I was hoping for Cham-Cham and it turned to be Sylvie.
Now we have like 5 more reveals and IDK what characters it gonna be.

  1. Top Fiolina looking gal that is probably not Fio.
  2. Cop girl.
  3. Kungfu girl.
  4. School-uniform looking girl on the right.
  5. And kicking in mid-air girl in a dress and probably big hat\crown.

Since there’s a screen cap mentioning a Gothic Lolita Mui Mui, I bet the one under Zarina is her, at Zarina’s side is Mian and the girl at the left of Sylvie is Luong.

Also, damn, Najd is scary

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24 HD screencaps of Sylvie and Zarina

This thing looks nice BUT titles are weird:

  1. No SamSho 3 (with best animations), not all KoFs, AoFs, FFs.
  2. Nothing by Visco. Maybe it was not possible and I do not care much BUT there are at least 3 titles that me and other can be interested in.
  3. ADK has 2 games. Why not all 4 (5 if you count racing, shougi was never a thing)?
  4. No Sunsoft games. Nothing from Data East. FFS. Nothing by Technos (but its ok, they sucked).
  5. No Crossed swords 2, Savage reign, LB1, Top Hunters, old Sengoku’s Kabuki Clash\Matrimelee\SvC(licensing?)

TOP 8 KVO character rates

3 Najd
3 Heidern
3 Mature
2 K’
2 Shun’ei
2 Athena
1 Kula
1 Iori
1 Benimaru
1 Leona
1 Vice
1 Blue Mary
1 Chang
1 King of Dinosaurs
1 Verse
1 Yuri
1 Billy
1 Andy

Score (Najd, Heidern, Mature)
Sanwa|M’ (Benimaru, K’, Iori | Kula, K’, Iori)
PandaTV|NaiWang (Leona, Vice, Mature | Shun’ei, Vice, Leona | Heidern, Vice, Leona)
MadKOF (Blue Mary, Shun’ei, Heidern | Chang, Shun’ei, Heidern)

Top 8 Texas Showdown

3 Heiderns
2 Kyos
2 Kulas
2 Ioris
2 Leonas
1 Rock
1 K’
1 Robert
1 Dinosaur
1 Athena
1 Yuri
1 Verse
1 Nakoruru
1 Yamazaki
1 Shun’ei
1 Choi
1 Oswald
1 Mature
1 King
1 Ralf
1 Terry
1 Benimaru
1 Zarina
1 Meitenkun

Wero Asamiya (Athena Iori Yuri), (Athena Yuri Iori)
Violent Kain (Rock K’ Iori), (Iori Robert Kyo), (Robert Kyo Iori)
El Rosa (Dinosaur Leona Verse), (Leona Heidern Verse), (Kula Leona Verse), (Kula, Ramon, Leona)
Stealth (Nakoruru Yamazaki Shun’ei)

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Capcom vs. SNK 3 might have actually been in development at some point

how sad… : (