The KOF general gameplay discussion and match-making thread

This thread is intended to discuss and set up matches in KOF games namely those on fightcade or wherever else they might be. I’ll start off by giving my fightcade name and the KOF games I play and which characters I use.

Fightcade name: Tonberrykingsrk
KOF games: KOF95,96,98
Characters: Ryo,kyo,Benimaru,Mai,Rugal,Billy

Fightcade name: Hadoking (who would have thought?)
Kof games : 98, 2002 (?)
Characters:Kyo,Terry,Chris (normal),Yashiro(orochi),shingo,shermie.

We should get in some more games sometime.

Yeah, but we’re never on at the same time. Timezones, man.