The King of Fighters Zillion Tournament 11/20/2010 @ VA Comic Con, Richmond VA

Salutations, my name is Remy CM Zillion…

This year i propose something different from the norm comic convention?

How about on 11/20/2010, we reserve a conference hall in the Ramada Inn for a King of Fighters Zillion Tournament, the newest doujin/manga Fighting Game creation from SNK Playmore

I have flat screen television and copy of the game on console with PS2 Controllers, all space will be payed for and managed by me of course

The Tournament will be open to all comers with no entrance fee if you register, and a cash prizing of 70/20/10 (based on participant count) will be payed out by yours truly, so come and test your skill… Your match just may get featured on youtube as well

So far I have 5 participants confirmed coming anyway so i believe this idea is feasible, if any questions or wanting to help organize please send me an email and we will work on things

Ciao, See You Downtown


I mean… wow.

Play a real fighting game at least? There’s KOF 98 UM for Xbox360.

No offense, personally… but MUGEN games are trash.

so you think battles like this are trash?


or this…


iono man, maybe you been sippin’ too much miller lite… or haterade, one of the two

After watching those videos, I’d have to agree with Renegade. I’d rather play even KOF12 over that.