The king of fighters XIII : Kyo NEST & MR KARATE (DLC)

What do you think of this two perso ? :slight_smile:


I think Kyo is better than NEST Kyo, and I think Mr. Karate is my new anchor. He’s very technical, but I’m always drawn to the complex/technical characters in games.

NESTS is amazing, if you’re willing to put a good chunk of time into getting to understand his Rekkas. His d/f+D not being cancellable is annoying.

Did you really had to make a new thread for this?

Lol, NESTS KYO been out for a minute. Still prefer XIII Kyo.

PSN only got him yesterday.

Gonna be very good matches to pay attention to.

This guys again trying to get views on his youtube for whatever reason. He should be banned.

Oh hell yes! Downloading now!