The King of Fighters XII console version. Elisabeth and Mature + more

CHECK THE LOWER RIGHT arrow link for a video of Elisabeth and Mature in action near the end of the new trailer

The new console website details modes, online play, and other things.

This is definitely not all, many expect K’ and Mai to be revealed at E3, since various sources point out that there are over 22 characters, and rumors of 6 planned for the console version. And the mentioning of hidden characters (therefore, Mature and Elisabeth don’t count as hidden characters since they have their own box in the select screen).

but some say the number 6 is referring to amount of players in online lobbies,
so chances are, if K’ and Mai are not on the disk, they might be added through DLC.

The artwork hints seem to strongly suggest they are the hidden characters, though. so there is a good chance there will be 4 added characters instead of 2.

The one thing the new trailer displays that the online section doesn’t mention are the Clan online features, which is still unknown how it works, but clearly displayed in the main menus of the video.

You just wasted your time because
A)I can’t believe you thought SRK doesn’t discuss KOF
B)There’s a KOF section.


the game looks so cool but the camera never moves up thats so odd

concerning some of the looks/movelists for KOF XII. Why the need for retconing? pandering for a new audience?

Good stuff, but wrong session

Still no Oswald…

maybe they figure they can attract more people with more traditional style fighting…they probably figured during development they would be releasing it on next gen consoles which would bring a whole lot of new people into the KOF franchise (kinda like sf4 did with alot of people)

but…depending on if this game goes well and how popular it gets…i can see them making another one but with more of the newer chars and such…i mean…why would you add new characters such as oswald and momoko if your just gonna leave them out of new gen Kof?

Good God is it me or are the Mods on vacation or something??? :sweat:

wow mature

This game is going to fail if news about it is hidden in the KOF section.

Can’t attract converts if you’re only preaching to the choir…

Mature? Seriously? damn you SNK; verify the K’ rumors already!

Yeah… wrong section even though at the same time the KoF section is dead as turd. It’s a good news anyways. I read this at Cyberfanatix the other day.

about 90 days left until home release = I won’t be surprised if these two are the ONLY bonus added to home version. Playmore’s marketing decisions are just dumb.

btw shadowglare your av is badass.

I was hpoing for Vice…but damn, Mature got a great makeover!

I’m all for attracting converts!

Anybody who’s reading this that isn’t buying KOF XII… shame on you!

If it plays as good as it looks I might convert.

Considering KOF has always been known for being an aggressive game and SF4 has basically neutered my ability to play like that I have no problem jumping on this game, Mature’s announcement has made me really want to learn KOF now since I wasn’t really too into most of the other characters that were announced previously.

Need that K`, Mai, and Heavy D!

looks great btw.

awesome, I used to play Mature in 98 back in the days. I’m glad she’ll be added.

Well people here has eyes. How many times have one of the og members blazed somebody’s ass up for not looking at the scroll? If people are interested they will go down, and check to see if something is in the game that they might like.

Of course…they ain’t.:bluu:

You make a good point. Sure I understand garnering interest but at one point do we attract people serious in the game and at what point do we detract the dabblers?

I personally don’t wanna deal with a bunch of dabblers…been there done that… a good amount is fine, but they will clash with my ideals because I am hardcore…they won’t put the dedication necessary and will look for tiers and the easy way out to success, and they will play it to pass the time while they are in some “SF4 tournament” or something else.

Not my cup of tea… :tdown: I want the REAL PLAYERS…:rock: