The King of Fighters Voice Actor (Seth) "Hidetoshi Nakamura" Passes Away

I couldn’t find any results when I did a search on this to see if anyone mentioned it so I thought I should go ahead and make one about it.

On Dec 25, 2014, the voice talent agency 81Produce announced that voice actor Hidetoshi Nakamura passed away on Wednesday at the age of 60.

Nakamura was born on July 12, 1954 in Tokyo. He has played many roles in a number of anime & video games from narrator to even Looney Tunes favorite “Pepé Le Pew”. His anime credits include Baki the Grappler’s Styrdum, Mobile Suit Victory Gundam’s Tassilo Wago, Corpse Princess’ Sougen Takamine, To Love-Ru’s Gid Lucione Deviluke, and Deltora Quest’s Jarred. In video games, he was mostly known as the voice of “Seth” from the King of Fighters series but also did the voice of Messina in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle, & Delin Hong in Shenmue.

There has been no comment from 81Produce on the cause of death, most speculate natural causes (at least I do since I can’t find no other info on this). At any rate, it’s always sad to see someone pass and especially on Christmas Day. I don’t know how many KOF Seth fans we have but I thought this should be shared for those who do play as the character.

Source: Anime News Network

So, um…he only did the voice for ONE KOF character? And a rather obscure one at that…

Call me when Monster Maetzuka dies.

shoulda picked one of his other voices in the title. got scared terry bogards va died for a sec.

buck you guys I loved seth in KoF. Condolence to family friends. Seth is one of my favorite characters so I always hope when new KoF come out he’ll be presented. With this development Seth may not return in the rumor KoF Mira 3.

Seth was the black guy with the stupid haircut right? In Mr. Hughes’ attire from WWF? I’m lazy to use Google right now



I am here thinking terry, iori or kings voice actor died

Condolences none the less

  • brother to brother, really. That did feel like bait. RIP regardless.

I figured it was Kyo’s.

I recognize the voice acting from KoF and Shenmue 2. RIP, 60 is kind of early to pass on…


Rest in peace Seth. You will be missed.

that’s too young man.

More information about him and his work:

Okay, I renamed the title to ensure that this was not meant to bait. Sorry for the confusion.


Yeah, the one that turned into a pudgy-faced white guy for the 3d series. Call me when Vanessa or Ramon kicks off.

wtf was Seth?

RIP, Hidetoshi Nakamura aka Seth’s va from KOF. 60 years old, man he still had a lot to live for. Hope he died happily with his family and etc by his side during the his last final moments.

Didn’t this actor do voiceovers for some anime like Rurouni Kenshin? His stuff was awesome & he’ll be missed.