The King is back! How do you think will he play

I’m really curious if they will make some drastic changes to him or keep him all classic.

And what could be his V-Trigger?

Well, the earliest “rumors” (if you even want to give them that credibility) were that his Trigger gave him Shots, but while that worked for Karin’s Rekkas, I seriously can’t imagine Sagat having no Shots without Trigger, perhaps chiefly because his 2nd Trigger would have to, also, give him Shots.

Really, I’m hoping they continue to borrow from Omega in both new moves and in, preferably, making him more of a fighter and less of a Legends of the Hidden Temple zoner. I considered subbing Sagat in 4, but I didn’t want to feel married to his flagship playstyle of pseudo-Guile “Tiger Shot Tiger Shot Tiger Uppercut!”

He finished Ultra in a really good place, and there’s really no denying he kinda needs to be defensive given how fast this game is, but, again, I want to see him get more up close options, maybe more target combos or something.

Capcom will saw off all his limbs to make it fair for rush-down characters, make his tiger shots cost health and have half-screen range because fireballs are unfair, his anti-airs will be removed because SFV is about commitment and he will be unable to walk since he’s in a wheelchair due to a lack of limbs.

In SFV terms, that means he’s an above average character and must be nerfed further. The next patch will see Capcom gouging out his second eye as well.

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I’d be fine with Tiger Shot dissipating at range like Sakura Hadouken… if he gets a Thai Clinch command grab.

Things I can imagine getting translated -

High step kick is a crush counter but as the name suggests it only hits high - like Ryu, only better. His other crush will most likely be st.fierce, again like Ryu.
Low step kick will V-trigger Cancel into shenanigans forcing a high/low to complement his CC.
EX Tiger knee will be ridiculously fast like in SF4 but possibly again even V-trigger Cancel because this is SF5.
His Super will be Tiger Canon ( I think this because it would fit better with the game) it could be raid though…
He will hopefully have a 3 framer
Tiger uppercuts will be non invincible, but I can totally see invincibility being added in trigger mode.
If he has his neutral mp AA and it operates like Cammys , we are laughing all the way to the fucking bank boys.
Two hit st.roundhouse will be hit confirmable into jab xx uppercut

Shots…yeah I dunno here. I really doubt they’d be available in V-trigger only, he’s primarily a fireball character THE fireball character. They’d have to have some big balls to leave them out. I can imagine them having similar shoto data, but the speed of the shots is better. The slow is slower and the fast is faster.

Thats all I got. Bring back the King.

EDIT: They will take out all his kara’s which will suck donkey balls, but its SF5 and it really doesn’t have many things like that.

I m A Ryu player and i was counting on the incoming of sagat to not exit the game.

Means i will main it when he will be release. Love this caracter.

But i hope he will be op and have a good defence vs grabler (Since invisi dp is out)

if not then i will remove the game from my tools , because i hate the play style of other caracters.

Pretty much the same things I imagined, with a few differences.

CA will be Tiger Destruction.

Tiger Uppercuts will have the same invincibility style of Ryu’s. (LP has throw invul, MP Air, HP Strike/Projectile from 3f onwards and EX is full from frame 1.)

Angry Scar will definitely be either his VS, or one of his VT’s. May or may not power up more moves than Uppercut, but if it’s his VS, it’ll definitely power up the Tiger Shot to hit twice because SFV V-Skills hate fireballs with a passion.
Otherwise it’ll be a pretty dope install VT, which I think is more likely, but I can’t really think of another thing to use as his VS.

They’ll add his SFIV Omega TC’s and Tiger Claw, but a lot of his buttons, especially the kicks will probably be punishable upclose to give him an inherent weakness, as it’s common in SFV.

Sagat was top tier or pretty good in many games without karas so that’s not really relevant.

They could go the weird route and not give him shots outside of V Trigger, but I think like Guile they’ll realize most people see shots as a big part of his gameplay so that will stay intact.

If his uppercut still has the same long travel distance he’ll likely be particularly good for anti airing. Came in just in time for frame 1 upper body invincibility. I imagine he’ll have solid tiger knee pressure since the game is more offensive.

Long limbs
fucking Muay Thai normals
Tiger Knees

Welcome back King!!!

(i just wanted to post in here)

Don’t we all?

Very excited about this guy coming back. Easily my favorite of the Devas.

Translation: i cant play when tiger shots are being thrown at me mommy! i also jump in repeatedly and get cracked by tiger uppercuts daddy! waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! nerf nerf nerf!!! What a joke.

Anyway, i haven’t played V at all because it’s dumbed way down. There’s more of those guys up there than there is Skill players nowadays. However, hearing they’re finally adding Sagat into this Garbage makes me want to pick up a copy. Idc if they make recovery on his shots trash and make his uppercut hit 8 times for minimal damage. Just do not take his shots, uppercut or knee away.

Well so much for this thread. RIP SRK

I guess the king is not the only one who’s back.

Told my friends last week I’ll come back to SFV when Sagat is released.
Turns out it’s tomorrow. Lol.

Can’t believe they actually bought back Kara-Cancels. I really thought they’d be gone but nope, they’re in there.

the king is back!!!

I’m back.

I haven’t logged into SRK for a while and I’m ready to grind it out with the king now.

Where the discord at?