The Kaillera Videos Thread

this thread is to post any good matches from kaillera, wether it be from youtube or wherever, doesn’t matter what game… just post em’.

here are some of my mvc matches:
T-Kimura vs. Wakka Casual Play(check this one out if you wanna see Wolverine uncombo infinite cheese.)
C.S vs. T-Kimura Casual(check this one out if you wanna see War Machine goodness)
Vivi vs. T-Kimura First to 10 (1 of 3)(check this first to 10 set if you wanna see more WM goodness)
Vivi vs. T-Kimura First to 10 (2 of 3)
Vivi vs. T-Kimura First to 10 (3 of 3)
Dr. Chaos vs. T-Kimura Casual
T-Kimura vs. Mr. Clean Casual(some crappy Hulk used here)
chicken_power vs. T-Kimura (The Sloppy Streak Part 1 of 2)(played horribly in these matches due to delay but still managed to pull some wins out of my ass, this set of matches are kinda embarassing XD)
chicken_power vs. T-Kimura (The Sloppy Streak Part 2 of 2)

if it skips frames like once or twice in the vids thats cause of camtasia, not sure why it does that but srry about that.

OH nice shit T-kimura.

Good shit. Love the music tracks. Btw, Spiderman is not top tier. Much love to Alucard20 for making me his new hero.

yeah… spider-man is like lower mid-tier at best. on kaillera he can become top though cuz you can get bs’d way more with the cross up than you would offline.

Hmmm…I MIGHT get the ROMs for this just to dick around.

Still dick riding?sighsI must of made some kind of impact if your still thinking about that argument me and u had a while back.:rofl:

Oh wait!Not another -rep!


You know what? I’m not even going to agrue with the likes of u.You’re not even worthy.I’ll let the my Ignore List handle u.

Nothing wrong with internet humor. Good to always have a laugh or two. Still want that money match though.

T–Kimura, when ever u play DC again… could u record those matches aswell?

sure, dc never really plays 1v1 though… mostly 4players.

What are you using to record these matches? good stuff

i play the recorded input back then use Camtasia Studio 4 to record the window in an uncompressed format at 30fps then convert it to a format like XviD in Virtualdub and add music after, you kinda need a good pc though to record with Camtasia.

Cool man, I will try it.

wow damn dude good matches… i thought wakka claimed himself god of kaillera too

wakka is good,but T-k, D.C,C.S,NoX are the top 4.I’m not sure whos better tho T-K or D.C

nox is in top 4??.. how?

well, that’s just my opinion.Alot of the other good players don’t really come on kaillera anymore.:sweat:

CS rarely comes on kaillera anymore, and I dont think Nox should be there, hes good, but i would put vice versa there. He is probably the best out of those ppl maybe DC could beat him and I don’t know about TK beating him though.

i don’t think im top 4 but i do kick the shit out of those 3 u said Wakka included =) DC used to give me a lot of problems till TK played me like daily for about 2 weeks now i turtle like a fag to sadly but it wins! Wakka storms out when i inf i hate playing him XD. Need to play Ruhit more already know how trim0 plays. Been beating alot of top tiers with just ryu gambitt don’t ask me how lol I blame TK for the turtle skills =D

what’s the name of the song on the first vid?

lil wayne - army gunz

i think the only person that can truly beat me when playing serious darkcloud, c.s is cake cause he gets easily annoyed by war machine. vice i think i can beat easily.

as far as tiering is concerned i think this is accurate:
dc > t-k > vice > c.s > nox > wakka