The Jean Reno Connection: The Truth behind Abel, and Charlie

Now this may sound crazy, or it may make perfect sense, however i think this should be shared. I personally believe that, due to Capcom being totally gar for Jean Reno (not that anybody isn’t)***, that Abel is actually charlie[the sensical part], and MAY possibly be Alex’s trainer Tom. lets begin

to start us off, a picture of Jean Reno:

another picture of Jean Reno, as seen in Onimusha 3:

Exhibit A: Pre Alpha Charlie

as you can see, this rendition of charlie, made for street fighter II V (which came before the alpha series) was made to look a lot like Jean Reno.

Exhibit B: Charlie in Street Fighter Alpha 3:

Exhibit A and Exhibit B look alike, barring the facial hair and the hair color.

Exhibit C: Abel

Cut off the impossible hair off of Exhibit B and we’ve got a Blonde, facial hairless Exhibit A, which is just jean reno. Now, combining with the fact that Abel “knows” charlie, and his sketchy memory, it’s simple to deduce that Abel IS charlie, especially given the facial resemblance

Exhibit D: Tom

to poke a bit further, this man OBVIOUSLY looks like jean Reno (not alex, the dude on the left) and due to this “jean reno connection” I’m also going to put out that Abel/Charlie are probably Tom, Alex’s trainer. and with alex’s mixed style, like abel’s, it might just be the case.

so there you go, Abel = Charlie = Tom = Jacques Blanc = Jean Reno

grasping at straws? maybe.

***how does THAT sound homophobic? do you even know what a dictionary is? look that shit up before you go negging people for stuff you don’t understand

Shouldn’t this go in the Street Fighter thread?

If that’s so, then Capcom has woven a pretty intricate story element over a long time here, which is pretty impressive.

I don’t see how Abel could become Tom though. Did he get hit on the head and lose all memories again or something?

maybe he just decided to become a teacher “now that shadaloo is gone” and teach the “new generation”

and his quote in that picture is also highly suspect, time heals all wounds? like amnesia caused by getting blown the fuck up? maybe

Maybe. Maybe Charlie never returns. Maybe he never really remembers or finds out anything, and adopts a new name in Tom after giving up the search.

Good detective work regardless.

It’s funny, Jean Reno was on the cover of Onimusha 3 “FEATURING JEAN RENO”, but in reality he only spoke a few lines in the intro and was never heard of again.

I guess amnesia also makes your height change randomly, since Charlie is 6ft1 and Abel is 6ft6.

That probably makes Charlie being Abel an impossibility, but Tom, I don’t know…Alex is 6ft6 and Tom looks about his height at the picture on the OP.

There’s a lot of these little faux-hints around for people that actually bother reading up on the series’ plot (not many), last one I noticed is how Seth is the same height as Urien and Gill, and given their “mass-produced” gig, and Urien’s ending in 3S showing test tubes for them…Well, if that’s not lampshading a connection, I don’t know what is.

Oh well, these theories are always fun. Q = (insert character here)

They’ve never done anything like that without massive ret-conning and accepting fan-fiction as canon (Udon could write a storyline that shows Chun Li to be a lesbian, and Capcom would accept that as canon). This is some wookie defense shit right here. I accept that Abel resembles Seth…because they are both creations of Shadowloo (In the comic, so Capcom acknowledges it as canon). And the original dna may have come from tissue samples from Nash. 50% chance it came from Bison’s original body. Who knows?

Pretty sure Abel has nothing to do with Alex and Tom.

Alex is SF3’s main character, and Abel is SF4’s main character, and they’re both grapplers raised by military men. Other than that, I don’t see any significant similarities.

SF4’s plot isn’t very subtle either, so it’s pretty obvious Charlie is the guy who took Abel in. Especially since no one who was dead before SF4 is dead any longer.

Sounds like a bunch of reaching to me.

Then again, since the geniuses making the storyline decided to magically revive Gouken and Vega, whatever.

Not magic; just quite a bit of homework and Seth.

which vega? claw or dic?
and he was dead?

btw.: on youtube i read, shadaloo made charlie to blanka.

Well, we know that Seth and Abel are either clones from some unknown genetic material (with both being successes of varying degrees), or Seth was cloned using Abel’s genes. The udon comic says so, so Capcom rolls with it. They need people making up bullshit to help them with storylines, and a comic book of their product has more credibility than a 12-year-old on the internet, so they just go with it.

the problem with your theory is that if abel was in fact charlie, guile would recognize him, dont you agree

Yep. I’ve always had a problem with that. Don’t matter how scarred someone gets, you’ll recognise SOMETHING about them.

and that is why you FAIL!

now then, epy0nkaru…Can I buy some weed from you? cause that the only logical explination of how you could come to this conclusion. well that or a bottle of absinthe.

there’s this awesome shit i have that you can get right from your own home. its called boredom! it’s totally legal and it gives you one of the WORST high’s you’ll ever have in your life!

that said i’ve never actually taken drugs, and the conclusion only came about because

abel resembles jean reno
Charlie resembles jean reno
therefore, Abel = Charlie! no logic necessary!

watching street fighter II V a while back didnt help either

I’m really happy for ya, Imma let you finish

But Lon was one of the best movies of all time!

No but seriously that movie rocks and so does Jean Reno.