The James Chen Orgasm

@ the 1h 12m 25s mark

“That is what Mika can do. That is what Mika does to you”

…Never knew they were an item.

in about two hours a bunch of niggas gonna roll in and ask who the fuck james chen is

Who the fuck is James Chen!?

Cammy’s #1 dickrider.

You’re early.

Yea but who is he really? And why should we care?

-Justin Wong’s roommate
-Guy with reverse yellow fever
-Commentator who talks about the nuances of a 10 second round for 10 minutes, always playing catchup to the live streams
-Someone who lives in a country that actually matters

As for why should you care, well that’s a great question why don’t you show how much you don’t care by not posting here at all…oh wait.

So this isn’t some ancient Chinese orgasm technique?


predicted, boel

Why is it me thinking of dsp’s vinegar strokes still funny

When he snaps out of it is hilarious

Salami is top tier deli meat.

Pastrami is shit tier.

Fight me.

'Gasm was for Ricky, not Mika. :coffee:

Wtf, pastrami is god mode. You must be one of those guys that orders sandwiches with no mustard and extra mayo

Pastrami isnt a type of meat its a type of seasoning/preserving. And it really is god tier

Rare footage of @Pastrami enjoying a quality sandwich:

Pastrami really is the top tier.