The Imperial Accounts of Fort Idogi: Forti's Labnotes

just a place to dump some ideas, discoveries and patterns for Firebrand and some character synergy of his.

today’s notes (12/16/12)
Modok can be hit by a full instant overhead chain while crouching. Press j. MMH[1]S, j.MMH[1]S, st.MH[2] cr.H S, etc. for best results. Makes the matchup PRETTY GOOD for us cuz Modok has a hard time running from brand.

For those who use Ammy, press st.H+assist, wait half a second, cr.H xx M hell elevator for a reliable confirm into pressure. If the st.H hits, no matter what the distance, unfly into j.S, st.MH[2]S will always be your best option and be done in the opposite direction that you were standing (except in the corner.)

For those who use Sentinel, I’ll post the Bull Shit Shuffle that shell uses later (its a worse version of the Dormammu BSS) but for starters, wait until the popup from Plasma Storm, then Lumenize and do cr.H S for a full(ish) combo.

Off of a down TAC, do your basic 3-dive H loop. Off of an up TAC, you’re best served doing the same into Bon Voyage.

Off of a forward throw, try this for a good 700k in xf1: Fireball H xx Lumenize XFC, dash forward, j.MMS, j.MMS, st.S, j.H d+H (etc.)

For a swaggy XF Lumenize combo, try LMHS, sj. MMH[2] d+H XFC, qcb+L, Lumenize (on floor,) {cr.H xx L fireball}x3, cr.HS sj. H[2] xx Bon Voyage, dash back, S, sj.S, Dark Fire. Not the most optimal, but its cool.

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I’ll hit ya’ll up at midnight.

In order to get around annoying bitches letting go of the controller during unblockable setups with most assists, let go of the swoop immediately when you notice what’s happening and cancel into Lumenize just before you hit. If you’re close/low enough, you can do j.S to land, st.H[2] S. Most of the time, though, I’ll bon voyage or L helldive to the floor and go straight to S.

Every brand team needs a Bull Shit Shuffle. This is a trick where you force the target to block a projectile super that continues to happen after DHC is cancelled into Lumenize, allowing enough time for Firebrand to get in and land a blocked st.H[2]+Assist for free unblockable. Well executed, a BSS with Dormammu has little to no escape. Using a THC is a much less efficient way of doing this with almost anybody. Characters that can BSS without a THCinclude:

Dormammu Stalking Flare
Sentinel HSForce
Trish Round Harvest
Akuma fireballs???
Magneto shockwave???
Storm Hail Storm
Zero Rekkoha

if anyone can think of anyone else, holla.

Essentials for a team (in descending order): unblockables, horizontal assists, BSS, extensions after using one of your bounces, reset tricks

impractical BSS setup for infinite salt with Sentinel (my favorite)

fb combo, Dark Fire (halfway) DHC HSF, st.M xx M Rocket Punch xx HSF DHC Lumenize, mad wavedashing, st.H+A2 (ammy) xx [swoop…]

Even when they escape, I always win after this. 10/10 would bang.

What does BSS mean?
I understand impractical. Why even bother with this outside of trolling the other player?
I hope you always win after this because 4 meters sounds like a huge waste to me.

not to mention that building 4 meters with firebrand is a process. BSS is bull shit shuffle in his terminology.

Starting Firebrand? Zero other reasons. Either way, I’ve usually dropped and re-picked up so many combos by that point that i have, like, six meter already. BSS is just a silly way to end the game. I don’t recommend it. I mean, I -endorse- it, but I don’t -recommend- it. EDIT: That’s why it’s called the BULL SHIT Shuffle.

Starting with the second character, though, this can be a wonderful way to start your ridiculous lockdown bullshit with Firebrand. Dormammu is the best at this. Watch any video with Zak Bennett. You’ll see him either throw out the Stalker Flare on incoming or just forego a Purification xx beam super for it, then Lumenize (or just raw tag,) wave dash in like a swooping peregrine falcon, and wapa! Unbippityboppityblockables. It’s a free in.

You can Add Zero Rekkoha to the list of BSS enablers :stuck_out_tongue:

lol enablers

this is like a drug ring now isnt it

EDIT: somethings on your to-do-list should be practical setups for it, and to find a way to make this person pay for forward teching out of the rekkoha in a knockdown setup. prolly like osing j.bon voyage with fly unfly?

Guys, don’t listen to this guy, I play sets against him all the time and I beat him with arthur. He is a fraud.


Oh and I can’t prove that any of this works because when I play against him its mostly just me thinking I can block. But then stuff happens and now I’m dead.

put a cap in it boy


Small update I remembered. Comboing off of the unblockable online gets a lot easier if you do unfly S instead of just mashing S to fall (because you hit the floor faster). The issue here is that with certain setups and situations, this might give you a Bon Voyage the other way. If that does happen, promptly mash Bon Voyage towards the other dude in a pompous attempt to save face.

Firebrand can combo into Bon Voyage from an antiair L missile in the corner as high as XF2L (XFactor 2+Lumenize.) Minor detail for use in swaggerbrand combos. More effectively, in the corner, when you land a ground touch and want to XF a character for the kill, try comboing into st.H[2] cr.H xx L missile, XF just a second after (when you reach around normal jump height while still rather close) and drop down with j.S. Pick em up with a slightly late st.H[2] S and you’ve got a good combo rolling. Can be done in any xf.

Possibility of a little more damage in Lumenize bnbs. After a helldive, Hell Dive L xx Hell Dive M, j.H will work. Just an interesting thought.

EDIT FOR LACK OF SPAM: Combos off of raw Air BV are really important for Firebrand’s team members. Mine with Sentinel:

Normal: j.BV, dash back, st.H[2]+Sentinel cr.H xx BV, drones hit, sj. H[1] xx divekick, Hell Dive L, S, j.MMHS, Dark Fire.

Lumenized (in progress): j.BV, dash back, st.H[2]+Sentinel cr.H xx L Missile, drones hit, Hell Dive M, j.S, j. H[2] xx Divekick, etc.

In corner: LMH[2]S, j.MMH[2], Hell Dive L, j.S (land) LMH[2]S, etc.



Stagger each button in the air for best results

Dubbaedit: The ultimate secret is to omit the slide.

This is a lot of stuff. I’ll put it all in one post later.

The best way to really land this thing is to wait to middle height and do j.H[2] xx Ldive, j.S st.L.

Does any of that break 600k?

I’ve really gotta post damage… but to be honest, it shouldn’t matter.

Know that you’re not looking for damage as Firebrand against the other person’s first character. When you touch them, you want to get in their head. Make sure you know whether or not they are capable of overcoming the unblockable-- whether or not they know what to do against it, I mean. If they don’t, go to town, and it should be pretty obvious from the way they play what their next try is. Two touch death for most characters if you do it right. If they do, use your side setups to mess with the way that they get out, baiting invincible supers with command jumps and punishing those who bite the bullet with early swoops. Most people only try one way, so as long as you’re creative enough to fight off their ace in the hole, you’ll kill them in two or three touches. Playing Brammy is like playing any grappler: your goal isn’t the big hit (unblockable/SPD,) it’s to punish them for avoiding the big hit.

When the second character comes in, look for a chance for a raw touch or unblockable XF’d-- a juicy combo will do around 900k in XF1, so that with a little neutral play or DHC should do it for anyone. Go to the Fanatiq principle when you choose when and where to XF: even if you have the momentum, nothing will save you from XF3. Character 2 is an easy death when Character 1 goes down.

Your incoming choices will determine your fate against Character 3. If you see a swing for the dog in your future, you want to hit him right away before he can get to Fbrand or do too much to Ammy, or that character is dead shit. Gaurd cancel XF can be fought against by using the M … f+H os and the air M… f+H buffer BV os. Scoring this touch before the other player gets the chance to XF is what makes OCVing a team with Brammy is just so dang hard. Your best chance is the BSS, because extended, independent blockstun trains can’t be countered by an XF gaurdcancel. Also, because you used XF on character 2, you should have enough meter to do your ridiculous, stupid, Dante-style anime game combos to whatever degrees you wish. The third character death should be a simple one touch or BSS setup away.

Just wanna bump this. Added Mr. Bennett’s fabulous BSS setup with Dormammu’s 2d1c. You see it in a few of his games, especially in his sets at the FGTV house.