The "I'm currently online on *insert game*" thread

This may be a bit superfluous but I didn’t see anything else like this, plus people like to post hella for no real reason so it would be easy to miss posts like this in other threads. Pretty self explanatory, if you’re online post here so peeps can get matches going. Evo isn’t far off and we need to get ready to crease.

Wreckx N Effect

And with that said, I’ll be on SFIV later on tonight somewhere around 8,9 for hours on end. So if you wanna play, send me an invite. I will post again later on tonight to give people a heads up if they’re interested in playing.

If I’m drunk between the hours of 1AM and 5AM PST, there’s a fair chance that I’ll duck into GGPO’s ST room periodically. So if you see me drunk posting, hit me up there.

i can’t play with anybody because:

  1. i’m on shitty wireless.
  2. most of you only have 360’s.
  3. i’d probably just disconnect once i started losing.


You’re done getting that BP? I might be on around that time as well.

What name do you use on there? I’ve never seen you in there (or maybe I have?)

Yeah unfortunately the BP hunt ended because of chronic disconnectors. The last time I played I had three people in a row disconnect on me. Stupid.

I log on as DoughBoy. I’ve seen you in the ST room before. I think it was May or June of last year.

I’ve been playing a lot lately because SF4 makes me wanna puke and I don’t have a 360 stick for HDR

It sucks that the only people that are ever on GGPO anymore are Japanese Ryu players lol

Is that where the good players are? Because honestly I’ve been playing HDR the last couple of days and it’s almost unplayable – it’s all ken players that do jump RH, low RH. It’s a waste of time. Back to GGPO?
SF4 makes me want to puke too. I don’t know why. Maybe I should give it more of a chance. But VF5 seems like more fun to me.

Well, Alex is there, and I’m there when drunk. . . . So, no. But let’s not derail the good intentions of this thread. HK, sj, LP, LP, fast fly, LK+CapCom, HP, DP-Donkey.

To be clear, I’m on GGPO 4 or 5 times a year. However, I do get on when I’m drunk. So it might be more often, and I just don’t remember it.

There are still some good players on GGPO, but it’s nothing like it used to be :frowning:

We need to revive our SF2 scene, what happened to us?!

we evolved, be happy to see u when u catch up.

I’m on SF4 invite Boda Sepha to a game if you wanna play. 3/5 rounds please.

Im probably going to log on SF4 - Live at 8:30.

I miss the SF2 scene too. It of course dies just as I get beast at the game. I think julien should host a SF2-not-SF4 gathering.

EDIT: Not gonna be online I don’t think.

I’ll be logging on SFIV at about 9:30-9:35.

I’m actually playing these days too. I may be on pad, though. =)

Are you talking about SF4? No thanks.

I’m on GGPO right now if anyone wants to play a real man’s game

Hey Doughboy I think I played you in a SF4 ranked match the other day on PSN. I was the Bison user named vintagekid, was that you or another doughboy?

I’d put money on the fact that it wasn’t me. I don’t put money on anything except Marvel against Kuenai, so that’s saying a lot. I’m too poor to get a current-gen system. Come see me if you want to throw down on dat Clay Fighters: Tournament Edition, though.