The I Quit Video Games Sales!

[S]120gb xbox 360 slim /w kinect and 2 kinect games sold to Eric Montoya for $300 – | Tracking: 03092880000216974997[/S]
[S]Nintendo Wii Sold[/S]
[S]Marvel Vs Capcom Fightstick Sold[/S]

Still For Sale

XBOX 360 SSFIV Fightstick – $120/shipped (STILL AVAILABLE)
[S]Gamersvid Exclusive Dual Modded Customize Fightstick Compatible with PS3 and Xbox 360 – $220.[/S]

[S]Hauppauge HD PVR Capture Card – $ 150.00/shipped[/S]
[S]2x XBOX 360 Wireless Controllers – $20/each shipped[/S]
Black Wireless Headset – $20/shipped
[S]Mad Catz SSFIV fightpad $20/shipped[/S]

[S]120GB ps3 slim /w two wireless controllers, anda blu-ray controller. $200/shipped[/S]
[S]White Model Xbox 360 $75/shipped – NO HDMI comes with hd components, adapters and one wireless controllers.[/S]

PS3 Stuff
[S]2x Guncon 3 – $25/each shipped[/S]
[S]Time Crisis Raging Storm – 20/shipped SOLD to ibeatu[/S]
[S]Time Crisis 4 (SEALED) – $20/shipped[/S]

[S]Demon souls – $15/shipped[/S]
[S]Heavenly Sword – $15/shipped[/S]
[S]Street Fighter IV – Free with a purchase of a game.[/S]
[S]Heavy Rain – $15/shipped SOLD[/S]
[S]Blazblue Continuum Shift- $15/shipped SOLD to kylednotm[/S]
[S]Uncharted 2 – $20/shipped[/S]
[S]Super Street Fighter IV – $15/shipped[/S]
[S]God of War Collection – $15/shipped[/S]
[S]God of War III – $20/Shipped or $25 /w strategy Guide[/S]
[S]Uncharted – $15/shipped[/S]

[S]Tales of Vesperia – $20/shipped[/S]
[S]Darksiders – $12/shipped[/S]
[S]Bayonetta – $12/shipped[/S]
[S]Fable III – $20/shipped[/S]
[S]Street Fighter IV - Free /w a purchase of a game[/S]
[S]Super Street Fighter IV – $15/shipped[/S]
[S]Mortal Kombat – $30/shipped[/S]
Def Jam Rap Star /w Mic – $30/shipped
[S]Xbox Live arcade compilation – Free /w purchase of a game[/S]
[S]Lost planet – Free /w purchase of a game[/S]
[S]Call of Duty MW 2 – $15/shipped[/S]
Fable II – $12/shipped
[S]Halo Reach – $20/shipped[/S]
[S]Marvel Vs Capcom 3 SOLD[/S]
[S]Call of Duty Black Ops SOLD[/S]

I’ll take Blazblue: CS for ps3. Sending PM


Pm’d about super street fighter.

Payment sent for BB: CS

I assume the shipped Price is to the US only?

Petey is a good dude…have bought many things from him in the past!

yea US ONLY. I will provide my phone # as well if you guys want to feel comfortable talking to me first. Im also the owner of

payment sent for

Time Crisis Raging Storm

PM sent for SSFIV fight stick… I’m guessing this is the TE-S in the picture??

Thanks for replying. Im waiting for paypal info so I can pay.


XBOX 360 SSFIV Fightstick – $120/shipped
I may purchase this.
Not 100% sure though.

How is that TE dual modded? As in, what board/method was used. Was it done by someone, and if so who? How old is it? I like the plexi top a lot…quite interested in it.

i’ll take Tales of Vesperia – $20/shipped (and Street Fighter IV - Free /w a purchase of a game)
PM me with your paypal

@Nakadish its dualmodded with the Teasy Strike. @Plik sending u a message now.


Any chance you’d take trades?

Payment sent for SSFIV for PS3 and Lost Planet.

I got it thanks, and nope no trades.