The "how you became interested in Street Fighter" thread

I thought it would be interesting for everyone to share how they became interested in Street Fighter. Here’s my story.

I was a bored 8 year old kid in 1993. Any bored person wants to feel like he/she is experiencing another reality. The best way to do that is through touch (after all, it’s through touch that we know we’re really existing or not. There’s a reason people say “Pinch me, I must be dreaming”). Knowing this, I realized that haptic technology is the cure for boredom. I wished to feel solid objects that weren’t really there. But I had to wait for my wish to come true. Then one day in 1994 (Some month before September), while I was reading the newspaper, I read an article about a haptic vest called the Interactor, which Aura Systems was going to ship to stores on September 5, 1994. My wish came true. So on September 5, 1994, I bought an Interactor. It was meant to be used with Sega Genesis and Super NES video games. So I thought, “What is the most popular video game people are playing right now?”. To answer that question, I picked up the September 1994 issue of GamePro, the top selling video game magazine. and in the magazine was the list of most popular video games for the month. The list was called “Blockbuster Video September Hot Sheet”. Number one on that list, for both Genesis games and Super NES games, was a game called Super Street Fighter II. So I bought the game (I bought the Super NES version, because that was the video game system that everyone was buying), and I now had the ability to cure my boredom. Ever since then, I have been a big Street Fighter fan.

How did you become interested?

As a kid I watched the Street Fighter movie(1994). Even though everyone says it’s awful I enjoyed it somewhat. And from that movie Vega was my favorite. Eventually after that I got myself into the games. And that’s that.

Saw a ryu and ken poster with them doing their signature moves
Young at the time so I thought it was cool as shit
Watched the American show which really didn’t involve him at all and the movie
Was frustrated cause all I saw was guile and chun li
Played alpha 3 as my first street fighter ryu of course

Then played 3rd strike nothing but ryu and a chun li that turtles and pissed off my friends
Those Saturday’s down at my friends in high school… lol it was nothing but melee, powerstone 2 and 3rd strike in constant rotation with maybe 1 randomgame every once in a while

It’s been about a decade and a half Since that Inital point
And aside from a few blips it’s been alright

For all my anger at capcom for the sf4 remix years they did a lot of good with the series

All the alphas
The ex series
Capcom vs snk 1 And 2
3rd strike
It’s been pretty fun!

I lived down the street from a hole in the wall arcade born 1980. Back then parents were not obsessed thinking everyone wants to rape n kidnapp your ugly kid. We rode bikes and played with bb guns and i used to play the first sf . One had big buttons ya punched another had a weird roller like galga ball. Then there was the 6 button version. Shinobi was my main tell the sf2 machines started popping up and that was that. My daycare was a hole in the wal arcade. That mofoz like to steal your bike while ya was inside.

Also i learned how to add credits from the guys collecting coins. So id break open the machines back hit the wire coin trigger n add a 100 credits.

i started with sf2 for the snes.

then got introduced to mortal kombat and never looked back on street fighter until marvel super heroes and x-men vs street fighter.

over the years, msh and x-men vs street fighter lead to competitive mvc2, which lead to cvs2 and back to street fighter.

I remember there was a similar thread.

Anyway, in 1992 I read a video game magazine about upcoming SNES games and two caught my attention:

Turtles in Time and SF2.
I played the game on arcades later that year and also the SF2T version of PC and New Challengers on Genesis in the mid-90s

Also the EX games through emulation. By the time Alpha 2 arrived I had lost interest since I became more an SNK fan. Even SFIII didnt catch my attention for long in early 2000. Only with SF4:AE, though reluctantly, did I decide to start with the franchise again.
I did turn back…to SF2, III and Alpha!

But I prefered Samurai Shodown 1 and World Heroes 2 in the arcades.

When it comes to SF, I’m a post-09er fuccboi. I got into the series really late though my first SF game was Alpha 3, which at the time I wasn’t a fan of. Now I’m a huge fan of SF. I mostly played MvC2, Tekken and MK before though

Ya reminded me that i used to play fatal fury joe higashi and pitfighter when the sf2 machines lines were to long

  1. I was a kid at Walmart waiting while my mom was shopping. There were a few arcades by the exit, and I waited there. One of the machines was Street fighter 2 Championship Edition. I was in absolute awe. I mean I can’t even put into words how mesmerizing this game was. You have to remember it was 1992. The characters were so big, they were so detailed, so vibrant. I was used to NES graphics. My god…6 buttons!!? Insane! Most arcades seemed to have 2 or 3 buttons with the stick. Holy fuck, and the music…my god, the music.

There was a teenager playing Ryu. It was a competitive one on one game. I put in 2 quarters, and picked Blanka…who looked like this insane beast man! (I was deeply interested in animals then, still am). I didn’t know what I was doing…his character was throwing fucking fireballs, and dragon punches…flying hurricane kicks…there were just so many moves. Every button did a different thing, many did a separate thing when close. I didn’t know any specials and was mashing. My eyes went wide in amazement when I let out an aura of electricity and electrocuted my opponent…I could see his skeleton!!! Fuck…! Then I was on my oppenent biting his face…blood spewing…!!! I actually took a round, due to mashing randomness, and lost the match. However an eternal love was born.


Went to a friends house, her older brothers had SF2 on the snes, I was terrible at it but the music stuck in my head. I would just look forward to just listening to the soundtrack more than I would playing it. I was hooked from then on.

I remember mashing Roundhouse hard back when I was like 5 and playing Alpha. Eventually, 8 years later, I just decided to get good (even though I’m still far from good lmao)

I played a lot of MK with my brother when I was a kid and got beat down every time. This was mostly due to the fact that my brother played more then I did and was actually afforded practice opportunity’s beyond watching someone better then you rip your character a new asshole. Street fighter was the first game that I picked up independent of my brother. At this time I was playing the dreamcast third strike port. Being able to play by myself and for as long as I want ended up with me finally understanding the very bare bones basics of fighting games rather then just blocking and rolling my fingers on buttons hoping my brother would mess up. It was also the first fighting game I discovered friends through, there was a third strike cabinet at a bowling alley that a group of 4 to 10 people were at regularly playing along with the nearby MVC cabinet and this driving game of which the name escapes me. It was the first game that clicked, the first time I was able to understand mechanics and feel like my level of input was on par with the games output.



pause button

Capcom vs SNK 1.
I played different fighting games on a passive basis up until I’ve seen this game back in 4th grade. The did have quite a few flaws to it but this is the game that properly introduced me to nearly everything.
Then I gradually migrated towards other fighting games like KOF96, ST, SFA2… then many others. Oh, what good times they were…

In the early 90’s but back then every one was playing SF in arcades and on SNES. But I didn’t try to learn it for real until SF4. When SF4 was coming out on consoles there was a lot of buzz, but I hadn’t played in several years. I was pretty heavy into melee tournaments at the time and one of my melee friends bought SF4. I was hooked instantly and dropped melee for a long time. Ironically these days I very much dislike SF4 and very, very rarely play it. Once I tried to play older SFs and other FG series more seriously, I just didn’t care for SF4 any more. At all.

In the 90s my exposure to Street Fighter II was pretty minimal. I occasionally played it in arcades, and at friends houses on Snes or Gen. But… I kind of hated it. The AI was always brutal, and the damage too high to learn anything. It would be until my local arcade got a Marvel v Capcom machine that I’d find a fighting game I actually enjoyed playing.

In the early 2000s I started looking into MAME emulation for various arcade games, initially for MvC and the rest of the Capcom Vs titles. But eventually I got to Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. I played a lot of it ONLINE via GGPO and generally came to love the game. Signifigantly more then II.

When IV was announced I was somewhat excited, but I actually didn’t get to play it until late 2013 when I got a PC that could play it. I like IV a lot, not as much as 3rd Strike, but it also is a lot more fun to play then II.

And that’s how I got into Street Fighter. I guess by growing up in the 90s, and becoming a fan of CP2 Capcom fighters.

It was 2011 or 2012 and I was bored of the normal shooter. One day I remember one day telling a bunch of friends I wanna start playing fighter beside naruto soon after an old friend let me play sf3 and soon after losing 73 times I bounce back onto sf4 and I got better over time…then ultra came out I started sucking but worth it

One day my brother brought home a copy of Super SFIV and we just started playing. I was awful but had fun plus i lost my shit when i saw a shun goku satsu for the first time

I was into hardcore underground horror movies and this chick who reviewed them made a video of her cosplaying as chun li at a anime con. so i went to a con here in town and met up with this girl who was also cosplaying as chun li. i had never played sf before and we played world warrior on a snes in the gaming room. didnt know how to block, didnt know how to throw, didnt know any special moves so i got my ass kicked. she thought i was going easy on her so we exchanged numbers at least, she lived in houston though so nothing came of it. :slight_smile:

what really got me into fighting games though was the g4 icons episode on snk and so i really got into kof.