The horrors of XBL

My friend and I play two games on XBL: MVC2 and SF4. And I’ve noticed something very strange. He seems to barely notice any lag, while for me it’s god-awful. If, for example, I’m blocking in SF4, and I see him jump over me to crossup, even if I switch blocking sides the input lag will be so bad that he’ll hit me. I can easily see, with my own eyes, a delay between hitting a button and something actually happening. It’s gotten to the point where situations in which I have the clear advantage become unfavorable to me. Just today I blocked his EX roll as Vega, and his jab came out before mine despite me having a three (or is it two) frame advantage.

In MVC2 the lag manifests itself as broken controls. About 25% of the time my specials simply won’t work, turning into normals. Sometimes hyper combos will become specials, or sometimes they’ll become normals.

Is this normal? Why is it that the lag is worse for me than him? We’ve both tried hosting and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. If I play offline, there’s no lag, so it’s not my TV. I know some people experience lag worse than others (look at DSP’s videos, he makes it look like he’s got 3 hours of lag), but trying to play like this is ridiculous.

On another note, we also use 2df a lot, and it’s significantly more tolerable, so I’m guessing it has something to do with my 360. I’ve tried wired and wireless and while wireless is of course worse, the difference isn’t enough for me to go buy a 100 foot cable.

It could be a port thing, you behind a router? If so you may need to forward them ports or just plug straight into your modem.

The Horrors of XBand

You would not believe the amount of lag I am getting while playing MKII. I got a killer 14.4kbps modem and dialed into Earthlink so I know there are no problems on that side. I think it must be either the XBand or my SNES. I swear, I go for an uppercut and like 20 seconds later I see my opponent react. And don’t get me going on what happens when my wife picks up the phone to make a call, just call it game over. But then I play GGPO on my work computer at a location with the highest bandwidth in my city and it plays perfect. 1-2 frames of lag at max. Damn XBand, would switching to AOL make it any better? Don’t suggest a 56k modem, I don’t have that kind of money.

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Burner, I AM behind a router, but I have DMZ’d my 360. I am under the impression that a DMZ is basically the same as forwarding all ports simultaneously, but perhaps XBL doesn’t like that?

Hahaha you win sir, but seriously forward your ports!

*Update: Id try plugging directly into your modem just to test if that helps. If it does then you know it’s the ports. I’ve never used DMZ (paranoia) so i wouldn’t know.

That might be a bit hard, because my modem is several rooms away in my dad’s office, and unplugging my router would disconnect about 6 people. Next time I’m home alone I’ll give it a try.

Before that, though, I’ll attempt to forward ports the normal way, without a DMZ. Maybe I’m one of the lucky people it doesn’t work for.

I had another thought, QoS. Has anybody tried that? My friend did but had very little luck. But then, I don’t think he configured it properly.

By the way, I’m using a WRT54G Linksys modem. I’m not sure what my connection speed is because I’m at my parent’s vacation house for the month. Given that gives me a download rate of 9.5 mbps I imagine it’s on the upper end, though.

I didn’t know that this was in the stickied area or that this has been brought up a hundred times over the past few years.

I appreciate the fact that you just sifted through dozens of pages of threads just to show me up, but none of this was information I didn’t already know. It doesn’t address DMZ vs port forwarding (the fact that one can work better than the other), nor QoS.

I’m also running a linksys (WRT54GS) with all my ports forwarded and I usually don’t have any lag issues unless I’m playing with someone from another country. I’ve got 3 PCs 3 laptops and at least 5 consoles running off my connection. Though my downstream on is around 24Mb/s and my upstream is a shitty 0.44Mb/s (damn roadrunner).

*Update: I tried QOS once but it just didn’t work for my setup, didn’t see much of a difference.
Also I’ve got the latest ddWRT firmware on my linksys.

Does SF4 use any special ports or are the ones in the “sticky” Mr. Negativity posted all the ones I’ll need?

Na I think all 360 games use the same ports, you can checkout and you can see all the games they have listed all use the same ports.

You use dd firmware, eh. How does that work? People have suggested it to me but I’m afraid of frying the router - my dad relies on it for his job. If it offers a significant performance increase, though, it might be worth risking having to go buy another one.

All the firmware does is give you a little more control of your router and it adds a few more options. I wouldn’t take the risk unless you have a lot of free time to troubleshoot when things go wrong. I’ve had to reflash this thing atleast 5 times over 3 or so years, mine just seems to stop working from time to time. It could just be my router though, it is getting old.

LOL this guy has 6 computers on his network and is probably on wireless connection and hes blaming XBOX live for his lag issues. Are you serious? You mean to tell me you rather lag then tell people on your network that “the net will be down for 5 mins so that I can fix my ports”

some people are so stupid lol rather blindly blame their wrongs on other people instead of fixing the problem.

WRT54G should support UPnP. He’s put his 360 into the DMZ so this isn’t an issue to begin with.

What he needs to do is put his machine on the DMZ, IIRC, the WRT54G only supports 1 device in the DMZ so he’ll have to move his xbox off line, pop open the command prompt, type

tracert > %HOMEPATH%\desktop\results.txt

It’ll write a results file to the desktop, open it, copy and paste it into here.

My guess is that he’s got some really fucked up latency issues somewhere and until we see that traceroute result we won’t know what the full extent of the problem is.

I’d recommend doing this if you’ve got a machine with a wireless connection too, like a laptop.