The homeless Street Fighter fan

I just read this article on kotaku about a “walking street fighter wiki”. It may be exagerated but at least his heart seems in the right place. I thought that maybe there is a way to find the guy and help him a little.
Here is a link to the article:

…this is just sad

Man, that was really endearing to me for some reason. I loved the SANIC BEWM hand motions, too.

Just like Ryu. Before talking to people he should put down his duffel bag.

I thought this thread was going to be about Empire Arcadia.

Only a sucker works a 9-5.

Kotaku should hire him as a writer. He seems to know about videogames more then them anyway so it will be an improvement.

Ban OP.

I don’t think he has studied enough feminist theory to be a Kotaku writer.

i lost it at the dude doing a tatsu

Street Fighter is hell of a drug!


This guy seems so sincere in his love of the game. I’d love to see him play or watch EVO.

Someone get this guy a job ffs.
Guy might mix up some shit about the naming of Bison/Vega/Balrog but cocaine/crack messes your head up really bad and he seems to be still in good shape regardless.

This guy should be the secret 5th character. Those sonic boom hand motions are gold.

Fuck Kotaku.

Capcom would love this guy.

This message has been deleted.

Was gonna say, half the motherfuckas that post here are a like stones throw away from being this guy.

WTF 24hrs and still no autotune version?