The Half SNES/Saturn/VITA/HALF JOYSTICK (Just the Button part) Mod Thread. Please, share Ideas

So I became inspired by RTDZIGN, and I was able to use do a Vita and Hori Mini Stick Hybrid, A Snes and Hori Mini Hbrid, and a Sega Saturn and a Madcatz Alpha Hybrid controller.
The Vita is a awesome controller for Fireball Char Types. For charge up Char after playing for a couple hour non stop, I get some hand cramps. I tried using different Grips to alleviate this, but was not successful.
The Sega Saturn Hybrid Pad is my favorite, only because I can play Charge or Fireball chars for two hours plus without experiencing hand cramps.
The SNES Hybrid is super nice too, and it’s my favorite for doing “chimneys” to evade attacks, and play high level footsies.
I can’t wait for the next gen of 3d printer to be developed and release so that I can start making making my own controllers… this is one of my dreams.
I am more than happy to help anybody interested in doing one of this controller hybrids mods. I know and can provide info on how to Mod PS VITA, SNES and Sega Saturn pad. I have all 3 of this Hybrid/Franken Pad and thy work amazingly execution wise.

Is the H"I"BRID controller part intentional or not

That being said that’s a very… interesting controller.

Edit: How does the vita thing even work? I’m genuinely curious

Si, it’s 100% ynternational.
It is actually quite simple once you find the signal lines for the directionals pcb. Solder 5 wire. I.e., Grn, Le,Ri,Up, and Do to the directionals of the the PCB to be use. I.e., psx, ps2, ps3, ps4, Xbox 360. And the possibilities are infinite. No adapter required to convert the signal of the VITA dpad PCB. For this job You need a very thin soldering tip, and a magnifier.
I can send pic of the wired pcb so that u or anybody interested in doing this mod can have a better idea of what I am talking about.
And I with the Hori mini you can easily install sanwa switches, and take the hybrid to the next level .
That vita dpad is amazing for the most part. Great for doing instant air jaguar kick type of moves.

I wonder if there is something wrong with my vita’s Dpad. I was curious on how a fighter handled on a vita so I bought blazblue. However if your press up on the right directional it makes my character jump and ruin combos for me. Still an amazing dpad compared to the ps3’s sandpaper one. Do the hori mini buttons feel good with sanwa switches?

I really haven’t play games like blazeblue much, but I played GGxrd for the ps3 when it first came out. And I remember having some minor execution issues with instant air dash combos, but to be fair I didn’t play the game enough to provide you a honest review of the controller for those type of fighting games(I was too busy learning usf4, and now sfv).
As far I can remember I didn’t have issues jumping in any direction. I think that some move needed to executed a little different using the Vita’s dpad vs using other controllers. I probably have to find a work around executions wise. I believe that if the vita dpad was the size of a ps4 dpad and without the rough edges, it would be even more amazing. I am sure that by playing the game more this can be archive.
Yes ! the sanwa switches make a very significant difference on the mini. I highly recommend the upgrade, and it’s not hard to do this, so that is always a plus.
I would recommend the Sega Saturn dpad for most fighters. Unlike the vita I can play both charge chars like Guile, and fireball chars flawlessly.

Have you tried a hitbox-style layout yet?

Not yet. Why?

I’m guessing because you mentioned ergonomics, which is something hitbox emphasizes with their designs.

I’m actually curious how you hold it. The controllers and hand helds are designed to be held in the hand (some better than others), and arcade sticks are generally designed to sit in your lap or on a flat surface like a table. I’d like to see a picture or video of how someone might hold one.

The ergonomic issue that I have is mostly with the vita hybrid, this is jot the case with SNES and Saturn hybrid, and it is because the vita part is significanly heavier. Will mod a vita slim and see if it fixes the issue. So when I sit it on my lap. I hold the dpad with my left hand, and the buttons part on I sit on my right leg. I hold the hybrid similar to the way most people hold an arcade joystick…Some of my friends that started playing fighting games on the arcade with joysticks, when they use controller, they use it the hold it as if they were hold a arcade stick.

Take a thin, stickless, lap size case like user RuRuRuRu did with his hitbox

Add a port made from a PS1/2 extension cord like RoboKrikit did with his project box

And use a one handed PS1/2 controller from either ASCII or Hori

Not a bad idea actually, but I never like the dpad for those one hand mini controller from ASCII or Hori, so that set up with a hit box will not work for me. I prefer the everything together approach.

wow this is like heaven id love t have a controller n 1hand kind alike the wii did then have my buttons on a box for me to hit attacks

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