The Guy Social

hey all, some other forums have this: a social forum within the subforum where you can just talk with other players about stuff: life, news, and just chit chat with each other about stuff. This could be a retarded idea or a great one, it just depends on how much you guys all want to get to know each other.

I can start off with a topic: how did you become interested in using Guy?

personally, i can list 3 reasons:

  1. liluoke, my name, actually is Rock Lee’s name in chinese. Li LuoKe (???). so yes, kind of a retarded reason, but when i first made my online screen name liluoke back in high school or something, it was based off of rock lee’s name , and nobody knew about it. so in a way i chose guy because of his techniques’ resemblance to rock’s.
  2. i was transitioning from bison to a non charge character and initially really sucked at doing dragon punch movements on the stick. it ended up Guy only had hadoken movements, and voila.
  3. when i was a kid i used to have a magazine from EGM, and they had this article on SF alpha 2. i used to draw alot back then and they had pictures of ryu, sagat, bison, etc. one of my favorites was Guy’s art, and i always wanted to play him. so in a way i’m fulfilling a childhood dream by using Guy.

anyways, you can talk about why you chose guy or just talk about random stuff. if you guys feel a thread like this is unnecessary, i’m fine with deleting it. peace.

If you guys want a social, what kind of quote do you guys want in the name? seems like every thread name has a quote. lol.

Are you going to MGL this weekend?

lol i could i guess. what time u planning on going?

Friday possibly around 6 or 7 till closing and saturday probably mid afternoon to closing. Let’s get practicing homie :slight_smile:

Well I picked up Guy because I used him in Final Fight and because I was tired of using my old mains Ken and Ryu because clearly everyone used them and I liked how Guy had a sense of execution in Alpha and really a fundamental basis of knowing how to play offensive and defensive properly. I almost didn’t have much interest in SFIV because Guy alongside Yun or Yang weren’t included. So once Super came about and Guy was confirmed I was content in learning him once again even though SFIV is more defensive base around zoning. ALA SF2. But I plan to stick him out if we get DLC and have him join my army of Lee Brothers for once in a game :slight_smile:

I picked up guy because he seemed really fun. when super first came out, I experimented with some of the new characters and guy was the only one that really stuck. also, I thought c.lp, c.lp, xx run.slide was the coolest combo ever lol. also not having a DP move was a plus because I was never good with that motion.

on another note, I finally dual-modded my stick! I can finally join more tournaments/casuals. Wednesday Night Fights with Alex Valle starts in a of couple weeks, so I’m excited for that.

In Vanilla I was a Ryu player, but I was really bad. I just couldn’t seem to improve even though I played a lot with my friends. However, when I picked up Super Street Fighter IV and started doing trials for new characters I immediately knew Guy was going to be my new character when I did the bushin chain the first time. I like how natural and fun he felt in comparison to how clunky and clumsy Ryu felt to me all that time. Felt nice to finally have a character I have fun with!

I played Sagat before in SFIV but with SSF4 I changed to Guy. Sagat was so slow so changing to Guy was a real pace changer, and I liked that so I stuck with him. I didn’t play the Alpha series competitively so I didn’t know much about Guy’s play style beforehand.

It seems some people used Guy in Alpha, so when they saw the SSF4 version of him, they didn’t really pick him up because he wasn’t as threatening. So in a way I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t use him before otherwise I might have done the same.

Some guy that was on my friends list was saying how a lot of Sagat players are switching to Guy now, to make up for the nerfs Sagat got and cos he considered Guy too strong for his ability to do a lot of damage. That’s almost laughable now but this was in the early months of the game’s release.

I picked up Guy cause I thought he was the closest character that resembles a KOF character, since I had little capcom backround (3s/CVS2) a majority of what I played the most was KOF.

I started to play Guy after watching Obey’s youtube channel.

I used to play Dictator, wanted to play Dudley because I played him in 3S but he was too different for me so I tried Guy out after watching Obey’s os videos.

Thanks for your contributions to this forum by the way Obey :tup:

I started to play with Guy, I guess, a couple weeks after Super hit the shelves. I remember watching Daigo play as Guy against Justin Wong’s Dudley and thought the Shoulder ~ HK.Tatsu in the corner looked pretty sweet. After I got the game myself, I thought it was hilarious how easy it was to catch people in the Bushin Flip, and going from Ryu to Guy’s incredible speed felt like a huge breath of fresh air.

It’s been a bumpy road though. I’m not a particularly skilled player, and it’s taken a while to discipline myself and find workarounds for Guy’s often flimsy control and character specific oddities (I always forget about Shoulder xx Super not fully connected against Balrog… and Honda?). I’ve raged out plenty of times and for a good while I was losing more than winning on XBL. These days I’m better, but for everything I’ve learnt playing Guy, I’m terrible at mirror matches!

Every Thursday I go to a small weekly tournament here in central London. The skill level there seems pretty high with the likes of Ryan Hart and other players I really ought to learn the names of playing there. I’ve never really had a group of friends of people that want to just play and improve on any SF game, so I find it quite hard to make progress.

I think this is a great thread by the way!

Thanks man, glad you like my videos :slight_smile:

dunno if i’ll be able to make it to MGL tonight or tomorrow, dope. i might be able to stop by tomorrow but it probably won’t be in the afternoon =(.

anyways, good luck in kicking ass regardless if i see u or not.

how often do you guys get to go to the arcades around you (if they’re around)? i go maybe once a week.

Obey, is the Savior!

I played Fei Long in Vanilla, I will always play Fei but not having played the Alpha series his move set seemed ultra cool and he has alot of Rock Lee moves which I am a fan and Kaiten Otoshi is bar none one of the coolest moves in the game, and also seeing someones head bushin slammed into the ground always makes me smile lol.

Ahhhh it’s all good dude, I usually just travel to MGL since it’s the closest arcade but I go twice a week sometimes 3 depending who goes on certain days. I’ll post up to see when I leave though. I’ll be there tomorrow afternoonish till closing as usual

I mained Sagat in Vanilla and early in SSF4 but unfortunately, I got tired of the fireball battles against shotos. But I got to the B rank as Sagat and I was pretty much satisfied. (I still kick ass with Sagat.) Then I was in a phase where I picked different characters such as Abel, E. Honda, Guy…ETC. Guy seemed so much more natural to me and I feel that my “phase” with playing with other characters taught me how to play as a better Guy. Basically what sealed the deal was the target and chain combos. Also, I think that guy has all the tools of the trade to go toe to toe against any character and can be VERY versatile. Fuck match ups. LOL. I love punishing happy jumpers. And now I main Guy strong. CORNER RAPES FTW.

When I was a kid my school used to have end of the year skate party. The local skating rink use to have an awesome arcade machine area with basically every good fighter and a few others: MVC1,SFII,SFA2,Mk3,darkstalkers1 that’s all I can remember. I played Guy then and had fun just mashing and beating my friends. That’s basically how I played til the end of vanilla. I knew some things but never really took the time to learn the game.

When vanilla came out I had fun playing Akuma but I was playing on pad. I went and picked up a SE stick and just got murdered trying to learn. I basically stopped playing til I heard super was coming out. Super came out and i still hadn’t completely gotten use to the stick but immediately picked up Guy and had so much fun. The tc and ff chain were something that i could do no problem and having Guy call the opponent a fool at the end :slight_smile: I’ve improved a lot and strictly main guy.

Side note: I have a habit of playing conservative til there is a time to punish, which works online. I just went to my first tournament ever and got destroyed so I think I need to figure out how to develop his pressure game and not sit back to wait for openings. I’ll be hitting the forums hard trying to figure it all out. Thanks to everyone who contributes on the Guy forums.

Alpha 2 is THE GAME for me. I main Guy and Sodom. In SF4 I played Akuma because Ed Ma made him look so godlike(this was before the world knew of Tokido’s gouki). Super came out and Guy was it. If Sodom SOMEHOW made it in with him I think I’d run Sodom and let Guy be my 2nd choice.

I really don’t give a shit about online, I started off bi-polar with it. One moment I just want to RTSD all day and the next I would feel like I’m grinding shit out RPG style and I go random just to see what will happen. Now I have no motivation for the most part. I was 4000 pp last week and I let my 12 year old cousin run some matches while I went to watch a Lakers game with some homies. He put me down to 3200 pp with like 9 straight losses. As soon as I see how much he lost my first thought was “fuck it” and for like 3 or 4 matches I just kept trying to eat people’s crouching jabs with MK Tatsu. It felt like therapy tbh.

Today my friend came over and she wanted to learn how to play. After she was done trying to do TK Izuna we left and I forgot to turn off the xbox. I come back and it turns out she left her phone here, when I pick it up and get ready to leave I notice the TV is on with Super running, and the playercard thing was on the top right. 2813 PP. Motherfucker was mocking me. And I swear to god, it was like the scene in Heat where DeNiro has a chance to walk away but his ego doesn’t let him, I just grind it out for like 20 minutes and get back to 3100pp. Now she’s mad that “video games are more important than me”. :bluu:

Maybe AE will spark something in me.

When SSFIV dropped I went straight to Guy.I just liked the fact that he wore Nike high tops and I’ve always been a big shoe fanatic.He has that badass feel to him that reminds me of characters from 90’s video games and cartoons.

He also felt pretty easy to play at first.Basic Ryu combos daunted me because I knew nothing about plinking and thought you just had to have really good execution to play those characters.Guy however, has such simple combos and they all do really good damage for little effort.

Bushin flip is satisfying to land aswell.Such a cool looking move.