The Guns Thread(Discussion, WDYCT, etc)

Didn’t see a thread for this, so decided to make one! I’m looking into purchasing some first guns by the end of the year, and was looking to see what SRK was carrying. Figuring we could discuss guns, ammo, and any other types of weapons you guys might have. Also feel free to post whatever piece you’re carrying for the day. :tup:

For some first guns I’m looking into possibly getting a Mosin-Nagant rifle, since they’re still going for relatively cheaply at the moment(lowest I’ve seen is about $80 or so)

For home defense possibly a Saiga-12:

and a magnum for concealed carry(no specific model in mind)

So, SRK, let’s see them guns!

Disclaimer: This is not the place for anti-gun rants or any crap like that. Sorry. : |

<3 Ruger <3

First gun I ever fired was a .44 Magnum, can’t remember the make, I was…8? Years old, somewhere around there, almost fell on my ass and only didn’t because my dad caught me :rofl:

I’m not much of a hunter, never liked the idea for whatever reasons, but I’d love to collect pistols once I’m on my own and have a bit of an established life.

I had a boss that let me shoot his Mosin a few years ago. The steel butt plate and good amount of kick made me get a sore, bruised shoulder for a few days.
I had a Glock 19 for a minute, and I don’t care what nay sayers have to bash on Glocks, because mine was the most enjoyable, easiest the clean and maintain weapon when I had it. I would in retrospect carry a Glock over my issued M16 during the tour in Iraq that I was in.

I knew an ex marine that would have a sheath mounted on the side of his motorcycle that would hold a billy club. When I asked why he had it, he said it was for people that didn’t pay attention on the road and would start to cut him off. “Better to pay for a new window than medical bills or be buried” That got me thinking on maybe one day mount some kind of attachable sheath for a legit Japanese katana on my sportbike. Though the only time I’d do it is if the world goes to shit and invest in a decent blade for drive by head decapitations.

Weapons are cool.

Pretty cool man, I’ve had glocks recommended to me before too, but I’m really leaning towards revolvers.

Lmao, I wish I could go around with a Billy Club but I’m pretty sure those are illegal right? I have a fixed blade that was owned by an ex-marine, bought it off a bushcrafting forum, it’s pretty nice, will post a pic of it shortly.

Yo, that 80 dollar Mosin look’s good. Is it all matching numbers? if so jump on that as quick as possible. As for your handgun, magnum? Do you mean a large calibur handguns, like 44 or 357? Rounds will go through people and wall’s and hurt other’s making you liable for damage’s done to other’s. Personally, if owned a pistol, I would jump on a 9 mm or .40. Ammo is cheap and plentiful, and you can fire 3-4 round’s from those caliber’s before you can fire another round from a high power handgun.

Has anybody owned a PTR-91 and fired one? I saw one the other day, and was rather impressed with it. Really nice rifle, and BAR none the best G3 clone I have ever seen.

Yes I’m mostly looking for large calibur stuff, want something with a lot of stopping power, if I can get something a little less powerful but that could still put someone down I’m all for it.


well, .40 is alright, one step above 9 mm, but to small of a round to some. Personally .45 hollow tip will get the job done, it will actually do more than enough. Any hollow tip will get the job done with minimum effort, with minimum collateral damage.

I’m still shopping around for a semi-auto shotgun and not much of a rifle guy.

My sidearm is:

  • HK USP 45 Compact w/2 spare 8-round magazines.
  • Ammo: Winchester Ranger T 45+P jacketed hollowpoints
  • Spring/Summer carry: Interchange between a kydex owb holster/nylon iwb holster/fanny pack. Fanny pack is for hiking or light clothing only, like swimming trunks.
  • Fall/Winter carry: weapon-mounted light/laser on waistband kydex holster.
    *I have a carry permit for my state.

Don’t think that a higher caliber bullet will do all the work for you. Shoot the caliber you can shoot quickly, accurately and reliably.

If you’re interested in a revolver: .357 Magnum is a good manstopper, plus you can practice shooting with the cheaper .38 special instead of the more costly .357

I always recommend to people that they look into the Glaser safety slugs. Having lived mostly in apartments I have to be very conscious of what is behind my target, and a missed hollow point might still make it through the walls and into someone’s home. The glaser rounds won’t. I have them for my 1911, and I have no worry about them stopping a target. They are very expensive, so they just sit in a magazine at home.

My carry was a full size 92fs and then a sig p245, but I left the state and haven’t renewed permit since returning. I don’t really miss it, since I live and work in nice areas now, so I keep putting off renewing it.
For a concealed carry I think that stopping power is not the first concern. Unless you end up with something like a .32, chances are you are going to have enough to do the job. 9mm and up are going to be enough, though I carry 45. The important thing will be a gun that is comfortable to carry and still feels right in your hand, which is pretty important with the reduced size of compacts/subcompacts. A small gun that you can still put on target quickly and reliably is the better choice. My constant recommendation is to go to a range shop and tell them that you are shopping for a concealed carry and would like to try things to see which one still feels right in your hand. They will probably charge you some rental money, but getting a chance to fire the gun before a purchase seems worth the cost.

So what opinion of shotguns do people have? I love the Benelli nova, but I have been told that I made the wrong choice and should have just gotten a 870 like everyone else. I really like how the nova felt and I had the extra money at the time, but I really don’t know much about shotguns.

I’m still just really getting into this myself, but this may be helpful:

As far as myself; as I mentioned in the first post I’m still looking at the Saiga 12

Finally got my FOID card in today :lovin:, gonna see about getting a Utah concealed carry license(as I think they are recognized in several other states) but not sure yet. Also going to start looking into ammo to procure until I have enough for my first piece :tup:


Anyone have recommendations for a really cheap gun I can use to learn to shoot with? Trying to see if I can get something in the $200-400 range that isn’t garbage nor unwieldy

This site has some easy to follow carry laws by state and which state permits are honored by other states. Of course, make sure to look into local laws before travelling as they can and do change and can be different by cities and counties in a state.

iirc a tauros 40 or 9mm caliber is about that price. Decent handgun

This is what I have. Nothing huge, but it serves its purpose.

Bumping this thread to breathe new life into it. Changed name to guns thread since it doesn’t seem we have a lot of blade/knife enthusiasts here.(Though feel free to continue to discuss those and other weapons if you’d like).

What’s everyone buying lately? I understand there’s been spiking prices for certain guns due to the Newtown shooting? Going to start procuring some ammo and smaller stuff next month.

Also some fun stuff from FPSrussia:



I’ve been contemplating buying a .308 rifle, but it’s such an expensive hobby.

I really want to get another Glock next year. I never posted a pic of what I had:

I might get a Glock 22 instead of the 19 for more stopping power. We’ll see.

Cool stuff BBQ :tup:


I’d also like to experiment with early guns at some point too, not for any sort of self defense purpose but moreso for fun factor and historical insight. I’m thinking of enrolling in a gunsmithing course once I graduate, just gotta find a good program :S