The Greatest Ken Mirror Match Of All Time

Sure its a video I recorded. But hey people seem to like it so here it is!


Not familiar with the context but commentary made it epic. What’s the BG music for this?

Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames.

Its like the most generic epic music of all time. If you want to make something sound grandiose and OMG!!! just shove that on in the background.

Haha thats some high level play right there!

Should’ve thrown on Clint Mansell’s Requiem For A Dream

Lmfao a block confirm!

You HAVE to do another ! Haha if you can find another match as epic

I vote you to be next evo announcer!

nah this is better, speedy music for shitty battle is too hilarious

Please make more. These are incredibly entertaining. :smiley:

LMAO…ya fucken’ piss yellow Ken! Hhaha…epic…

Fuck all man! That was awesome!

Hahahaha we need to sind him some more high level matches to comment on! :rofl:

Best commentator ever :rofl:

Piss yellow ken!!!