The GranGlue Fighter Lounge: Corona Virus bodied Shadaloo Free AF

I think Vaseraga is in a rough spot, unfortunately.

Hopping on now

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What do you mean? Buff or nerfs?

Both of those two are very strong. I think they’re mostly fine, but I also play Katalina so I can’t really talk.

Vaseraga, Narmaya and Lowain seem like they need some buffs. Everyone else seems to be varying degrees of fine.

Would say wait 1 more month to really get stone solid opinions.
Game is still young and a lot of things are still getting figured out.

From my view, Balance seems pretty good.


Edit: here’s the thread. I lot of people are still posting GBVS stuff here though so keep an eye on both.

Wait I don’t think there is a way to invite someone to a lobby is there?

There has to be. The game has done pretty well with features. I’m not on now to check, but I saw a “Room” in the online options.

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Should be lol
Whats you psn


Guess not, can you try to find my room? Psn is flighflighflugit

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Ahh so I wasn’t crazy. But jeah I just accepted, I’ll take a look for your room.

Maybe make a room with a password. I can’t seem to find your room in the list

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Password is gran

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A lot of pros from various games playing Granblue. Think the game will have good staying power.


Vas is actually pretty good, his problem is he loses really bad to the top tier characters.

Imagine if sf5 had like 11 characters, and sim, sagat, and g where top tier out of those 11 and they were fun and people enjoyed playing them.

That means you got like 8 matches to actually play lol.

I thought Lancelot would suck because of the block button boy was I wrong lol.

His high low mix-up is way more deadly than his left right.

Nerfs, but only slightly.

Lancelot should not have an invincible escape option that he can attack from.

And ferry should not have a dp option with such strong neutral tools. That or her buttons up close should be butt like vas lol.

Metera’s damage should be bit lower over all.

Just AA Lancelaus out of his attack. It ain’t that hard.
And for Ferry, same with every DP, just bait it .
Meteras Damage is fine.

I don’t want nerfs in my games, nerfs are for the weak and the weak shall stay in SFV where they belong.

But SF 5 barely nerfed shit.

And even with nerfs, top tier remained top tier.

I guess it says a lot about how fucked up they were.

How about we just let the game breathe?

Its reminiscent of SF but it isn’t that. Therefore since they are doing a bunch of new stuff, your job as a player is just to play, find optimal strategies against everything and call it a day. Once we figure a bunch of it stuff out then people can claim what should or shouldnt’ be in the game.

Damn thing came not too long ago, let the game breathe. If this is how they want this game to play then just figure out and then decide. But it can’t be that week 1 people are asking for nerfs.