The GRAMMYS: Pink got naked?! and other discussion

I’m surprised there’s no thread about the Grammys…normally I wouldn’t care for yet another stuffy, uptight, stupid awards show, but goddamn Pink was looking DELICIOUS a little while ago. She got naked AND sprayed with water…so she was all glistening in midair, looking so so so nice… The surprising thing is that they didn’t cut away to the audience, like you’d expect a chump ass network like CBS to do! Hopefully the vid will be uploaded somewhere online later so I can have that in my “special collection”.

That’s all that has interested me so far. Beyonce also appeared but apparently I missed it already, which makes my penis sad…but I’m sure she will show up again later.


Naked Pink? Oh man.

yeah beyonce was singing alannis morrisette…i was like wtf?

Vids up on YouTube.

Edit: [media=youtube]fAFk_EpQYSM"[/media]

Link my good man Links!

Yeah when Beyonce broke out with the you oughta know shit, I was like really Bey? Lucky she had that short ass dress on. I’d fuck her right there on that stage in front of Hov.

Yeah Pink rehashed her performance from the mtv awards just with less clothes.

Are you fucking kidding me? Lady GaGa didn’t win record of the year. Who the fuck is Kings of Leon?

So sick of Jamie Foxx. Nigga’s all over the place.


lol…the grammys lost their fucking mind for jamie foxx. niggas are on their feet.

haha slash is doing a guitar solo while t-pain is bangin his head :rofl:

Norah Jones was looking cute…too much clothes though. That was a dress you’d expect a 45-year old soccer-mom to wear.

I’m checking youtube of course for the Pink performance…definitely have to work fast on this one since you know they like to take this stuff down immediately. Heh, remember the Kanye interruption clip? The powers that be were on that one like flies on shit…a clip would be posted and taken down within seconds. Heh, I already have 2 or 3 downloads, though I wish someone would post an HD version. I’m posting from the future! It’s 2011, and the world has not ended yet.

lol justin beiber fuckin up his lines…thinking about beyonce’s ass. lol i think that kids just gonna grow up fine.

Katy Perry is another Legendary Elite for me. That girl is outstanding…they just showed a side profile shot and it was awesome.

*heh, I can’t find the Beyonce performance anywhere…there’s exactly 1 clip on youtube, and it sucks since the person recorded it by aiming the camera at the tv screen.
edit—hell yeah, I found a better version…

C’monnnnnn move on to the next hot piece of ass please… they’re wasting time.

Katy Perry is the somethin somethin for sure.

Edit: Zack Brown Band is so good. One of the few country bands that still plays REAL country and not that shitty pop country bull shit that’s on now.

Katy Perry would get smashed to oblivion.

is she still dating dating travis mccoy?

I thought she was with that one [whackass] British comedian dude.

heh, I wonder if Taylor is tired of performing that damn song yet. I think she actually looks better with the big geeky glasses from the video. If she sported that geek-girl look regularly, it would be soooo nice. Her regular look is too plain jane…like you could go into any average mall that is frequented by a lot of white people…and you’d see at least 10 Taylor Swifts within a few minutes…cute but a bit too “regular girl”

Oh come on look at this…Lionel Richie obviously made a deal with Satan. This dude NEVER AGED!

come on now son…u know thats how they make us niggas.

wtf? michael jackson tribute is really in 3d…did they give out the glasses and forget to tell us?

So because I’m not a slave to consumerism and didn’t drive 30 miles out of my way for shitty 3D glasses I have to deal with the Grammys looking like dog shit? Fuckin gay.

This like a motherfucker.