The Gorilla Fate is Yearning- The Announcer Thread

Since it hadn’t been done yet, and something similiar has been done for the combo counter. I want you guys to post EVERY announcer line.

“Now that’s real Soviet damage!”
“It’s super effective!”
"The gorilla fate is yearning!
My personal favourites. :smiley:

Best parts are when you get Rockefeller to laugh.

I still haven’t got the Dr. Sub laugh out yet, I might have to complain about it in the salt thread.

“Hold it!”
"Quit lolligagging!"
Actually makes spamming the start button worth it.


I got this on a player a few minutes ago, so gdlk

Can’t believe you haven’t posted ‘This is tuna with bacon!’ yet.

He also says “This is true love we’re making”.