The good/bad/ok matchups for urien

I heard that Akuma and Makoto can rape Urien really bad because he doesn’t have a way to stop them from rushing him down. What other bad matchups are there and what chars can urien rape?

Yun and Yang though not as difficult to fight as makoto and Akuma are can rape Urien. I think every character can be a difficult match-up for Urien it just depends on how the characters are played and how good the Urien player is

I regard a good Ken, Akuma, Makoto as his worst ones…

Alex/Yang/Yun/Chun can also be bad if the opponent is good.

Easy ones? Hugo, Ryu, Sean, Dudley are the easiest I’ve seen. Makoto/Chun/Ken/Akuma can also fall into this category if the player on em stinks though, since nearly all the unblockables work on em.

Makoto and Ken definatly give me the most problems

and Akuma , the player would have to be pretty bad to fall into an unblockable. Hes easy though if you can connect with the TT 100% :lol:

well i’m not considering skill level. I’m talking about the options Urien has against other chars (as in moves and move priority)

Bad matchups: Makoto, Yang, Gouki.
Hard (but not as bad) matchups: the other shotos, Chun, Yun, Alex

Anyone care to elaborate on… i dunno… Yang? Or Makoto?

I’m not sure about Yang, but this is my take on Makoto:

Your best low poke (cr. mk) is useless in this match-up. If you whiff, Makoto can dash --> karakusa you easily. Also, she can jump around you and make you lose your charge. Plus, Urien’s a big target, so she has an easy time connecting pokes. Plus, she out-prioritizes him in basically everyway…

Here’s a good thread w/ Match-ups discussed for all the characters:


Yang: just can’t consistently get out of mantis traps/mixups. It has to be a very good Yang player, at low/mid level it’s different.

Makoto: see previous post, and add that you just can’t use a sphere from anywhere (unless you can bait a jump, but it’s quite risky). LP sphere = free Abare Tosanami, MP/HP sphere = free EX Hayate.

In case anyone forgot, a skilled Ibuki player is very difficult to counter with Urien.


When I play Mymoza, sometimes I feel like the Ken/Urien matchup is 8/2 in his favour. Granted that our skill levels are different, but I seriously don’t think classifying it as, say, 7/3 for Ken would be farfetched.

I agree with Hol Horse.

Akuma, Makoto and Yang all three kills urien. As in at least 7-3 kills.

And the other he mentioned are all at least 6-4 against urien. At least that’s how i see it.

Also, some of his(according to me) 5-5’s are really annoying too. Characters that come up to my mind are Necro and Ibuki.

Akuma needs to dead.

true. one knockdown in the corner = urien dies.

ibuki is a tough nut to crack. She’s a bitch like makoto.
Ken is managable since if you turtle and play around with pokes. He’s top tier, every character has a tough time with him, along with Chun and Yun. Since he’s a shoto, Urien has a huge arsenal of combos, just make sure than you don’t mess up that one and only chance of the cr.HP during the round.

If you can’t land that one Cr.HP and take full advantage of it, then the Ken’s too good for you. IMHO.

Okay, so what’s the general opinion on how to fight Akuma? I’ve heard reversal SA1 after blocked Hurricane Kicks, but that’s about it. Other than that, should I be trying to parry them or what…? Red parry after certain hits, maybe?

risk vs reward,
you should really attempt to red parry the hurricane, the damage is negligible after the first 3 hits (including the starting knee), after the first 3 swirls, the rest hits with little damage.

I wouldn’t try to red-parry until at a health of 10% left. It’s better to just block and not risk another knockdown and just wait for an opening or something easier to parry.

Extreme situations requires extreme solutions and thats why i would try to red-parry when it is really needed to.

Missing the red-parry and getting knocked down vs gouki has taught me not to underestimate the power of his wakeup game. Just block. And wait.