The Going Merry Avatar Ship! Running Wild Towards The New World!

Current Location: East Blue.

Welcome aboard the Going Merry where we can do it your way but **Don’t Get Crazy!
[] 1 Request per person
] Must wear it at least minimum 1 week.
[]Must give credit in sig
]Must provide a pic that can be worked with
[]Must state prem or non prem
]No video for non-prem
[]No sigs or banners
]No stick art
[]Want a KFC avatar? LBC is your man. :bgrin:
] **Biggest rule of all : If any of us find out that you changed your av or request another one within the 1 week time period, YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM ASKING FOR ANOTHER REQUEST IN THE THREAD OR ANY OF US.
There will be only 3 slots available. Meaning only 3 requests will be worked on at a time. Comply to the rules and your Berries will not be hijacked. :bgrin:
Calling all av makers: Feel free to come aboard and lend a hand. All help welcome.

Going Merry Crew:
LBC - Escaped Impel Down. Fugitive (i.e. on a boat, snitches.)
Savaii64 - Bounty: 25,000,000 Berries.
Str[e]ak - Comes and goes as he pleases
Sas - Once in a lucky blue moon
BIGWORM - Underground
Aria - Recon
TFR - Chillin’
Fir - Beastin’

Previous Avatars.





Glad to be ba-…:zzz:

I’ve had an avatar request in another thread for quite a while, can I cancel that and request one here?

Up to you. As for me, I’m beached as.

I thought about making seven avatar requests, and each one would only be used for a week. Of course, I wouldn’t be giving either of you credit in my signature, wouldn’t be providing a source image, and wouldn’t state the dimensions of the work. Then, I thought about asking for a KFC website banner with a matching signature and wallpaper. I just can’t decide, ol’ savaii. :rofl:

But, in all seriousness, I’ll probably help out every once in a really long while. Maybe I’ll make a request.

AND YOU WOULD ASSHOLE!! :annoy::annoy:


Can I have a non prem sized av with these three characters please. Just standing together with “Doof” as the text, thanks :bgrin:

Streak, you da man. :bgrin:

Doof. Done.

wow thats awesome. thanks

Hmm time to think, THINK.

Are you two tag teaming these images, or each doing it on an individual basis? I don’t need two of you sand bagging on me.

…I <3 you guys.

Edit: Okay idea!

-Use this image:
-Premo sized
-Same border style as my current AV.
-If you guys are talented enough (lol) put this image beforehand!:
(Title, not the whole thing)
-AYO?! in the bottom right corner, make it fit the image stylistically, and awesome and all that.

Lastly I appreciate and respect you two, I’ve had a LOT of AV makers but you two are usually my go-to bunch, glad to see you peeps teaming up. Also LBC might be salty with me after some MvC3 matches, so make it quick XD.

Lemme know what ya think:

I think it’s amazing is what I think good sir, you guys are the best, <3!

Hey Savaii, I sent ya a PM few days ago, might as well copy it to here as a formal request, thank you!

Ok I would like a non-prem avatar with this and this together with a red border along with my handle (DaFeetLee) somewhere there. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Ketchy…however you spell that :lol:

Savaii, amazing as usual !!! Couldn’t have asked for better =) many many thanks!!! it’s perfect :slight_smile:

Even the almighty LBC must acknowledge Savaii’s power. Good shit Savaii. :tup:

:china: Appreciated.

can i get a non prem with this and my name on it