The Future of UMvC3

I know it is still very early tilt a patch for umvc3 changing characters but I am still very curious what you think about umvc3 now and what might happen to characters in general will wesker get that nerf will a new dark phoenix rise and what is your worse case plan for your team and or character I know Im worried for wesker cause I like the character in general and Im always thinking ahead of the game to replace him just in case… So whats your plan for the eventual Patch. Or do you have a plan at all

he’ll(wesker) probaly lose some of his damage output and his health will decrease. x-factor SHOULD be toned down drastically. decrease the hard knockdown and make hyper meter harder to come by. otherwise the game stays at mario kart level. just for fun

Mario Kart is highly competitive. I take offense.

…Just kidding. Although I do take my Karting seriously, it is silly, so I get what you mean. Wesker’s glasses probably won’t have as strong of boosts as they do now. I also expect his damage to take a hit across the board, but nothing too major just yet. Anything beyond that would be a knee-jerk reaction, considering this game hasn’t even been out for a month.

I don’t think they’re gonna nerf Wesker tbh. The game looks fine. It’s still early but the game does seem a lot more balanced than vanilla.

x-factor = blue shell

i forgot they really need to tone down damage output for these simple combos

Except it clearly hasn’t.

It’ll be a placeholder until we get the next iteration.

I’ve been playing Wesker since March so I don’t plan on dropping him even if he does get nerfed. If anything, he’ll move to my alternate team. We’ve had a while to get into Wesker’s nitty gritty, and he hasn’t changed very much at all (unless you were a scrub wesker), so obviously he’s going to be dominating when we’re still re-learning most of the cast.

If Wesker gets nerfed, people are just gonna start complaining about Spencer or Zero, who honestly, are just as good, if not better but they’re living in Wesker’s shadow as far as being capable of outrageous shit.

That is, unless Capcom decides to rebalance Wesker and make it so he constantly fires optic blasts that cause a hard knockdown whenever his shades are off. Real talk, I wouldn’t put it past them.

the game is always going to stay pretty fking random as long as X-Factor is still strong as hell.

They should get XFC3 toned down, then we will have a good balance a 120 XF1-140 XF2-160 XF3 boost will be fine depending the character…


i don’t know why ppl don’t get it…you nerf one character that is good your gonna leave room for the other top teirs to dominate. then we’re gonna hear bitching about how zero and spencer are broken and they should be nerfed…even tho they’re not unbeatable.

and im all for optic blast wesker so long as when he takes his shades off during maximum wesker the beam is still active and cause’s OTG and crosses up the blocking opponent. while in hard knockdown.

K0rr1 pretty much nailed it on the head. Until they tone down XF further this game will still be more stupid than it needs to be. Tone down Wesker…it’s only a matter of time before people are complaining about Dark Felicia (who I feel has always been better than Dark Wesker), Dark Dorm, Dark Spencer, Dark Magneto and it just goes on.

It’s not even like a matter of if they nerf Wesker then others will rise…

Zero and Spencer are already better as good or more realistically better than he is. If you account for how Zero pretty much controls more of the screen area and how Spencer can TOD most characters in the game without needing to take off any glasses and just controls hella screen space with assists now. Not even Wesker can pretty much anything at Zero with a good assist so if they nerf Wesker…all they’re really doing is nerfing a character that isn’t even going to be the worst problem ala Vanilla Sentinel.

Obviously Wesker is better than Vanilla Sentinel but once people sit down with these other characters that basically have potential that surpass Weskers any ways…it’s not going to matter. Wesker is a really simple character as far as what makes him strong. He just has really good normals, a teleport he can call assists during and a 1 frame grab. Naturally that’s just going to make him really good but it doesn’t really let him necessarily control matchups or anything. It’s just when he gets into a specific area of the screen (close range) he does pretty well. He also has an easier time closing that gap than other characters.

The only thing that really puts him over the top like I’ve been saying is his XF2/3 which makes him way too easy to use and just allows him to control matchups to too large of a degree. Once Wesker pops XF you have to go for lame out strategies. It puts his normals and command grab game which is normally just pretty damn good into pretty damn ridiculous and mindless. XF3 Wesker has specific issues with mix ups and dealing with advance guards but he has really nasty welcome mix ups that easily turn into TOD’s. XF2+assist is the absolute most powerful version of Wesker and you pretty much are lucky if you don’t get hit by XF2+assist Wesker.

The problem with nerfing marvel characters is that people will just move on to the next thing. Health nerfs didn’t change how Sentinel was played or his role in the team, it just made him go away. There are so many strong point characters that people will just move on, even if the nerfs aren’t substantial. See Mags and Wolvie. There are enough ways to fill any slot on a team. Weaker links get ignored.

One thing (old) Sent and Wesker have in common - both really powerful and REALLY friggin’ derpy. In my experience people don’t take getting owned by a character that needs a little work as bad as being owned my [Ground Series] => [Air Series] => [Relaunch] => [Air Series] => [Super]. When you can do :m::m::h::s: and take 80% percent or even TOD some characters - it’s gonna produce a lot of salt. At least Mags needs to do fly and dashes, etc. Zero has to jump through a lot of hoops and have the right assists to TOD most characters. Wesker? :m::m::h::s: - all day.

Even after all the Sent nerfs - he’s still awesome.

Bonuses cap at 150%

Less stupid.

Fix those two things and I’d be perfectly fine with the game with TACs being the higher priority fix.

I honestly never thought of it that way but even so, the problem with Wesker is that he is (and has been since Vanilla) an easy to use character with good dmg. Yes, people will probably start complaining about others but, IMHO, thats the complaining that needs to be ignored. Why train with Viper, Mags, Dante, etc for hours until you get better when you can just pick Wesker and learn him in a few minutes? Not to mention, even if he gets hit, your opponent has to know a combo that does approx 1mil dmg to finish him off. I’ll never forget the post/video of someone doing a Wesker combo that does 700k without a super just bc he doesnt have his glasses on. And the funny part was that he learned/found the combo in under 20 minutes. I know people say “in a pro tournament, it doesnt matter bc a Dante/Viper/Mags player is gonna know a combo to kill Wesker and 90% of the time they’re not gonna mess up” but we’re all human and we all make mistakes. However, execution is easily compared to spelling. It’s a lot easier to misspell “antidisestablishmentarianism” than it is to spell “apple.”

Basically, the problem with Wesker isnt that he’s top tier, it’s that he’s pick-up-and-play top tier.

Wesker is a borderline broken character. So what? I played (still play) with Phoenix in Vanilla and the lesser version of Phoenix in Ultimate. If they change/nerf Wesker, then people who like the character will still make him work. I play with Ammy and Deadpool also, so I don’t have as much a problem with Wesker as I do with Zero, Spencer or even Taskmaster/Hawkeye for that matter. He is pretty derp, with no real weakness, but still beatable. I’m so glad he is receiving all the hate now since it takes away from all the Phoenix hatemail I used to receive. I think people complained enough and got Phoenix nerfed (justifiably) and will do the same to any other character that comes along that gives them a bit of a hard time.

To end my point: I could care less what they do to Wesker. I have never liked him (to play with or against) and will just continue to flavor my food with the salt I have when one makes a ridiculous win. But if they nerf him, yay! If they don’t, meh, so what?